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Moritz Gamper

a r t   i n   m u s i c 

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Moritz Gamper

"Sketches of Imagination & Beyond"

Blind Rope Records 

Release date : February 23, 2024


Moritz Gamper - guitars, vocals

Tracklist:  01 The Bandit’s Tale (A Seite) 02:24  02 At The Crossroads 02:45   03 Tired Eyes 02:19
04 Banana Blues 02:41  05 Goin‘ Nowhere 02:40  06 Servants Of Wickedness 02:35  07 Midnight Rose     02:06  08 Stallion (B Seite) 02:19  09 Simple Things 01:52  10 The Rooster’s Last Warning 01:36      11 Desert Wolf  03:13  12 Almost Beautiful Dream   02:20  13 Until The Morning Comes 01:43

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Moritz Gamper will represent Austria at the EBC that the European Blues Union will hold in the Portuguese city of Braga in March 2024. Born in the mountainous town of Merano located in South Tyrol and based in Vienna, guitarist, singer and composer, Gamper produces a timeless music embedded by the roots of Delta blues and the sounds from the music of the Sahel, the desert blues of Farka Touré and the folk connotations of musicians like Taj Mahal or Eric Bibb. At 29, the universal language of Moritz Gamper's music allows him to create intimate environments in which singing translates into a hidden poetic narrative, the guitar and verse succeeding each other in a communion of sensations and a continuous evocation of art in its more espacious dimension. Gamper also leads the pop band Desert May Bloom, with the album "Mother" released, and "Sketches Of Imagination & Beyond" in his first solo work, they are two musical proposals distant in their conception but close in their pretensions, critical texts musically wrapped with lucidity and generous elegance with the imagination of an avant-garde musician. This debut album by Moritz Gamper must be listened to with the complicity that its author exudes.

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Moritz Gamper as frontman in Desert May Bloom

Moritz Gamper Desert May Blues 2022.png

Desert Mushroom Records

Moritz Gamper Desert May Blues.jpg

Moritz Gamper "Desert Wolf"

Moritz Gamper "Stallion"

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