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Cover Slimboy Vegas - Classic & Lonesome

Slideboy Vegas (Spain)
"Classic & Lonesome"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Melody Angel - She Black.jpg

Melody Angel (USA)
"She Black"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Mr. Sipp - Syppnotized.jpg

Mr. Sipp (USA)


Malaco Records - 2021

Ledfoot (USA)
"Black Valley"
TBC Records - 2021

Cover - Charles Tiner - N'Treble.jpg

Charles Tiner (USA)
Self Released - 2021

Cover Elizabeth King - Living In The Las

Elizabeth King (USA)
"Living In The Last Days"
Bible & Tire Recording Co. - 2021

Cover Spookyman - Blood Sweat And Tears.

Spookyman And The All Nighters  (Italy)
"Blood Sweat And Tears"
Bloos Records - 2021

Cover Trainman Blues - Shadows And Shape

Trainman Blues (Denmark)
"Shadows And Shapes"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Terlingo Sacchi Blues Quintet - Ju

Terlingo Sacchi Blues Quintet (Italy)
Doggie Dog - 2021

Cover Ledfoot - Black Valley.jpg

Ledfoot (USA)
"Black Valley"
TBC Records - 2021

Ledfoot (USA)
"Black Valley"
TBC Records - 2021

Cover Rick Holmstrom - See That Light.jp
Cover Shun Kikuta - In A Room f.jpg
Cover Sugarmill Slim - Sugarmill Slim.jp
Cover Damon Fowler - Alafia Moon.jpg

Rick Holmstrom  (USA)
"See That Light"
LuEllie Records - 2021

Sugarmill Slim  (USA)

"Sugarmill Slim"

Self released - 2021

Shun Kikuta (Japan)

"In A Room" 

Rising Shun Records - 2021

Damon Fowler  (USA)

"Alafia Moon"

Landslide Records - 2021

Cover Jan Preston - Piano Boogie Woman.j

Jan Preston (Australia)

"Piano Boogie Woman"

Self released - 2021

Grant Haua - Awa Blues (2021).jpg

Grant Haua (New Zealand)

"Awa Blues"

 Dixiefrog Records - 2021

Cover Secret Garden and the Dusty Man -

Secret Garden and the Dusty Man


"Wake Up"

Self Released - 2021

Cover Louis Mezzasoma - Mercenary.jpg

Louis Mezzasoma (France)


Le Cri Du Charbon - 2021

Cover Frank Muschalle - Meet Me Where Th

Frank Muschalle & Stephan Holstein


"Meet Me Where They Play the Blues"

Timezone Records - 2021

Cover - Charlotta Curves & Helge Tallqvi

Charlotta Curves & Helge Tallqvist Band


"Voodoo Woman" 

Q-Records  QCD-10142021

Cover Kiko & The Blues Refugees - Thread

Kiko & The Blues Refugees

Independent Records - 2021

Cover Greg Copeland & Steve Guitar Gille

Greg Copeland & Steve 'Guitar' Gilles

"Live In Aotearoa New Zealand"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Crystal Thomas - Now Dig Tgis !.jp

Crystal Thomas (USA)

"Now Did This"

Dialtone Records - 2021

Cover Dr Goodvive - Life Love Everything

Dr. Goodvive (Australia)

"Life Love Everything"

Seld Released - 2021

Cover Curtis Salgado - Damage Control.jp

Curtis Salgado

"Damage Control"

Alligator Records - 2021

Cover Hoopleheads - Delirious.jpg

Hoopleheads (Denmark)


Self Released - 2021

Cover Tscheky & The Blues Kings - Men Of

Tschery & The Blues Kings (Germany)

"Men Of Blues"

Self Released - 2011

Cover Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys - Elmo

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (USA)

"Elmore James For President"

Continental Records Services - 2021

Cover Slim Paul - Good For You.jpg

Sim Paul (France)

"Good For You"

Old Pot Records - 2021

Cover Corey Ledet Zydeco - Corey Ledet Z

Corey Ledet Zydeco (USA)

"Corey Ledet Zydeco"

Nouveau Electric Records - 2021


Cover Kat Danser - One Eye Open.png

Kat Danser (Canada)

"One Eye Open"

Black Hen Music - 2021

Cover Big Harp George - Living In The Ci

Big Harpe George (USA)

"Living In The City"

Black Mountain Records - 2020 

Cover Layla Zoe - Nowhere Left To Go.jpg

Layla Zoe (Canada)

"Nowhere Left To Go"

Self Released - 2021 

Cover Veronica Lewis - You Ain't Unlucky

Veronica Lewis

"You Ain't Unlucky"

Blue Heart Records - 2021

Cover Marty Straub - Let's Try Some Blue

Marty Straub (USA)

"Let's Try Some Blues"

Babu Music - 2021

Cover Ghalia Volt - One Woman Band.jpg

Ghalia Volt (Germany)

"One Woman Band"

RUF Records - 2021

Cover Early Times & The High Rollers - T

Early Times & The High Rollers

"The Corner"

Vizztone Label - 2021

Cover Juraj Schweigert & The Groove Time

Juraj Schweiger & The Groove Time

(Slovak Republic)

"Spin Off"

Self Released- 2021

Cover Eliana One Woman Band - Prision Fo

Eliana One Woman Band (Greece)

"Prision Fror Human Souls"

Self Released - 2021

Cover Tao Rvao & Vincent Bucher - Piment

Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher


"Piment Bleu"

Buda Musique - 2021

Cover Bonny B. - Bonny B. & The Jukes.jp

Bonny B. (Cambodia)

"Bonny B. & The Jukes"

Eigenbertrieb - 2021 - Reedition

Cover Othman Wahabi - The Blues Whispere

Othman Wahabi (Morocco)
"The Blues Whisperer"
Saidari Records - 2021

Cover Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa - Pri

Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa (Slovenia)
Nika Records - 2020


Tiny Legs Tim (Belgium)
"Call Us When It's Over"
Sing My Title  - 2020

Cover Göksenin - Women's Blues.jpg

Göksenin (Turkey)
"Women's Blues"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Creepy Lee & The Mindscapers - Bla

Creepy Lee & The Mindscapers (Switzerland)
"Black Chalk Lines"
Kitchen Table Productions - 2020

Cover Selwyn Birchwood - Living In A Bur

Selwyn Birchwood

"Living In A Burning House"

Alligator Records - 2021

Cover Sunnysiders - The Bridges.jpg


"The Bridges"

Dancing Bear Records  - 2020

Cover Duke Robillard & Friends - Blues B

Duke Robillard

"Blues Bash !"

Stony Plain Records - 2020

Cover Tomas Donker - Wherever You Go.jpg

Tomás Doncker

"Wherever You Go"

True Groove Records - 2020

Cover Loopahead- Approaching JJ Cale.jpg


"Approaches JJ Cale"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Ken Lending Blues Band - It's Been

Ken Lending Blues Band (Denmark)

"It's Been A Long Time"

Olufsen Records - 2020

Cover Devin B Thompson - Tales Of The So

Devin B. Thompson

"Tales Of The Soul"

Severn Records - 2020

Johnny Iguana - Johnny Iguana's Chicago

Johnny Iguana

"Johnny Iguana's Chicago Spectacular"

Delmark Records - 2020

Cover Anov Blues One - Main Sendiri.jpg

Anov Blues One (Indonesia)

"Main Sendiri"

Demajors - 2020

Cover Los Villanos Blues Band - Got The

Los Villanos Blues Band (Mexico)
"Got the Blues - The Villain Cut" 
SDL Productions - 2020

Cover John Nemeth - Stronger Than Strong

John Németh  (USA)
"Stronger Than Strong"
Nola Blue Records - 2020

Cover Copeland & Wragg - Live In The Bac

Copeland & Wragg ((USA)
"Live in the Backroom"
King Hog Music - 2020

Cover Erin Harpe - Meet Me In The Middle

Erin Harpe

"Meet Me In The Middle"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover Dave Riley & Bob Corritore - Trave

Dave Tiley & Bob Corritore

"Travelin' The Dirty Road"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover Kid Ramos & Corritore, Bob - From

Kid Ramos & Bob Corritore

"Phoenix Blues Sessions"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover Henry Gray & Bob Corritore Session

Hery Gray & Bob Corritore

"Cold Chills"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover Songhoy Blues - Optimisme.jpg

Songhoy Blues (Mali)
Transgressive/Fat Possum Records

Cover Nora Jean Wallace - Blueswoman.jpg

Nora Jean Wallace (USA)
Severn Records - 2020

Cover Blau AG - Koide Pizza warms Bier.j

Blau AG  (Austria)
"Koide Pizza, warms Bier"
SixtySix Records - 2020

Erja Lyytinen (Finland)
"Lockdown Live 2020"
Tuohi Records  - 2020

Cover Luther Gitar Junior Johnson - Won'

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson  (USA)
"Won't Be Back No More"
Crossroads Blues Media  - 2020

Cover Electro Blues Society - Riffs & Bl

Electro Blues Society (TheNetherlans)

"Riffs & Blues" (EP)

Instrumental Blues Records - 2020

Cover Bluesman Mike & tThe Blues Review

Bluesman Mick& The Blues Review Band

"Knee Deep Into These Blues"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Shemekia Copeland - Uncivil War.jp

Shemekia Copeland (USA)
"Uncivil War"
Alligator Records  - 2020

Cover Devon Gilfillian - What's Goin' On

Devon Gilfillian  (USA)
"What's Going On"
Capitol Records - 2020

Cover Ben Levin - Carryout Or Delivery.j

Ben Levin (USA)
"Carryout Or Delivery"
Vizztone Label  - 2020

vanessa collier 00.jpg

Vanessa Collier

"Heart On The Line"

Phenix Fire Records - 2020

Cover Mingo Balaguer - Blue Shadow.jpg

Mingo Balaguer  (Spain)
"Blue Shadow"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Bette Smith - The Good The Bad And

Bette Smith (USA)
"The Good The Bad And The Bette"
Ruf Records - 2020

Cover LLoyd Jones - Tennessee Run.jpg

Lloyd Jones  (USA)
"Tennessee Run"
Vizztone Label  - 2020

Cover Kirk Fletcher - My Blues Pathway.j

Kirk Fletcher (USA)
"My Blues Pathway"
Cleopatra Blues Records - 2020

Cover Danielle Miraglia - Bright Shining

Danielle Miraglia (USA)
"Bright Shining Stars"
Vizztone Label - VT-DM-01 - 2020

Cover Andy Watts - Supergroove.jpg

Andy Watts (Israel)


Vizztone Label/Booga Music - 2020

Cover Chris Thomas King - Angola.jpg

Chris Thomas King  (USA)
21th Century Blues Records - 2020

Cover Jonas Scott Cowan - Parlor Trick E

Jonas Scott Cowan (USA)
"Parlor Tricks: Exhibit A"
Melsrose Hill Records - 2020

Cover Super Chikan & Terry 'Harmonica' B

Super Chikan  & Terry "Harmonica" Bean (USA)

"From Hill Country Blues To Mississippi Delta Blues"

Wolf Re ords - 2020


Cover Ronnie Earl - Rise Up.jpg

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters (USA)
"Rise Up·

Stony Plain Records - 2020

Cover Kim Wilson - Take Me Back.jpeg

Kim Wilson  (USA)
"Take Me Back - The Bigtone Sessions"

MC Records - 2020

Cover David Rotundo Band - So Much Troub

David Rotundo (Canada)
"So Much Trouble"

Dreams We Share Productions - 2020

Cover Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite  (USA)
"100 Years Of Blues"

Alligator Records - 2020

Cover Florian Trummer - No Reason To Hid

Florian Trummer (Austria)
"No Reason To Hide"

VelwinbackRecords - 2020

Cover Hansolo - The Last Blues Album Eve

Hansolo (Norway)

"The Last Album Ever Made"

Galactic Park - 2020

Cover Alias Smith & Jones - Hit & Run.jp

Alias Smith & Jones  (USA)
"Hit & Run" 
Self released - 2020

Cover Gordon Koang - Unity.jpg

Gordon Koang (South Sudan)


Music In Exile - 2020

Cover Angela Brown Just Furious Live In

Angela Brown  (USA)
"Just Fabulous Live In Concert"
Blues Archive - 2020

Cover Johnny Winter - Texas 63-68.jpg

Johnny Winter (USA)

"Texas 63-68"

Sunsrt Blvd Records - 2020


Cover Papa's Paradise - Roots.jpg

Papa's Paradise (Finland)
Self Rleased - 2020

Cover Seasick Steve - Love & Peace.jpg

Seasick Steve  (USA)
"Love & Peace"
Contagious Records  - 2020

Cover Henry Carpaneto - Pianissimo.jpg

Henry Carpaneto (Italy)


Orange Home Records - 2020

Cover Big Guns - Big Guns Plays Rory Gal

Big Guns Blues Band (France"

"Big Guns Plays Rory Gallagher"

Seld Released - 2020

Cover Butterworth Blues Band - Mma's Ful

The Butterworth Blues Band (USA)

"Mama's Full Stack"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Gregg Martinez - McDaddy Mojeaux.j

Gregg Martinez (USA)

Mac Daddy Mojeaux"

Nola Blue Records - 2020


Cover Fantastic Negrito - Have You Lost

Fantastic Negrito (USA)

"Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"

Cooking Vinyl - 2020)

Cover Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors - Come

Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors (USA)

Come Together"

Self Released - 2020

Cover TrioZZic Experience - When Sunday

TrioZZic Experience (Germany)
"When Sunday Smells Like Monday"
Starfish Music - 2020


Lady A  (USA)
"Live In New Orleans"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Iker Piris And His Dual Electras -

Iker Piris And His Dual Electras (Spain)
El Toro Records - 2020

Cover Anthony Geraci with Dennis Brennan

Anthony Geracy (USA)

"Daydreams In Blue"

Shining Stone Records - 2020

Cover Daniel Da Vita - Lost In Translati

Daniel De Vita (Argentina)
"Lost in Translation"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Wild Boogie Combo - Black Hills Co

Wild Boogie Combo (France)
"Black Hills Country Blues"
Around The Shack Records  - 2020

Cover Micke & Lefty fet Chef - Let The F

Micke & Lefty feat Chef (Finland)
"Let the Fire Lead"
Hokahey! Records - 2020

Cover Fabrizio Poggi - For You f.jpg

Fabrizio Poggi (Italy)

"For You"

Appaloosa Records - 2020

Cover The Lucky Losers - Godless Land.jp

The Lucky Losers (USA)

"Godless Land"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover JD Taylor - The Coldwater Sessions

JD Taylor (USA)

The Coldwater Sessions"

Vizztone Label - 2020

Cover Kaz Hawkins - Memories Of.png

Kaz Hawkins

"Memories Of"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Beaztegui - Wood Session.jpg

Beiztegui  (Spain)
"Wood Session"
Room 101 Records - 2020

Cover JW-Jones - Sonic Departures (2020)

JW-Jones (Canada)
"Sonic Departures"
Soul Blues Records - 2020

Cover Hullie Hullie & His Oil Can Blues

Hullie Hullie & His Oil Can Blues Machine (Belgium)
"Hullie Hullie & His Oil Can Blues Machine"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Larry Lampkin - Funky Blues Man.jp

Larry Lampkin  (USA)
"Funky Blues Man"
Kaint Kwit Records- 2020

Cover Juzzie Smith - Live.jpg

Juzzie Smith (Australia)
Self Released - 2020

Cover The Berlin Allstar Band - Barnyard

The Berlin Blues Allstar Band (Germany)

"Barnyard Blues"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Sahra Da Silva - #Blueswoman.jpg

Sahra da Silva (Denmark)
Self Released - 2020

Cover Emily H. & The Blues Explosion - E

Emily H. & The Blues Explosion (The Netherlans)

"Emily H. & The Blues Explosion"

Dancin' Fool Records - 2020

Cover Johnny Burgin - No Border Blues.jp

Johnny Burgin  (USA)
"No Border Blues"

Delmark Records - 2020

Cover Greyhound George Band - Electrifie

Greyhound George Band (Germany)

"Electrified Blues"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Errol Linton - No Entry.jpg

Errol Linton  (UK)
"No Entry"

Brassdog Records - 2020

Cover Kenny Blues Bosss Wayne - Go Just'

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne  (USA)
"Go, Just Do It!"
Stony Plain Records - 2020

Cover .Rufus Coates & Jess Smith - Not F

Rufus Coates & Jess Smith (Ireland)
"Not for the Gallery"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Gaerald Mcclendon - Can't Nobody S

Gerald McClendon  (USA)
"Can't Nobody Stop Me Now"
Delta Roots Records  - 2020

Cover Rotten Blly Blues - Good For The R

Rotten Belly Blues  (USA)
"Good for the Road"
Self Released - 2020


RJ Starr & The Brooklyn Blues Band (USA)
"One Damn Yankee (Luv’n Life in Missipee)"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Doctor Delta - Slow Dog Blues.jpg

Doctor Delta (Italy)
"Slow Dog Blues"
Slow Dog Records - 2020

Cover - Jonathan Doyle & Joel Paterson -

Johnathan Doyle And oel Paterson (USA)

"Another Someday Blues"

Self Released - 2020

Cover Joaquin Casas - El Ataque del Caim

Joaquín Casas (Argentina)

"El Ataque Del Caiman"

RGS Music - 2020

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