last update 01/25/2022


Cover - Louisiana Red & Bob Corritore  - Tell Me 'Bout It.jpg

Louisiana Red & Bob Corritore  (USA)
"Tell Me 'Bout It"
Vizztone Label - 2022

Cover Lazytrains - The Lazytrains Album.jpg

The Lazytrains (Greece)
"The Lazytrains Album"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Vienna Blues Company - News From The Blues.jpg

Vienna Blues Company (Austria)
"Blues News"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Tiny Flaws - Imperfection Blues.jpg

Tiny Flaws (UK)
"Imperfection Blues" 
Imperfect Records - 2022

Cover Robertas Semeniukas & alexander Belkin - Amber Blues.jpg

Robertas Semeniukas &
Aleksandr Belkin (Lituania)
"Amber Blues"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Victor Puertas & Marc Ferrer Trio - Hotcha !.jpg

Victor Puertas & Marc Ferrer Trio  (Spain)
Ambit Records - 2021

Cover Junkyard Crew - Life Slides.jpg

Junkyard Crew (France)
"Life Slides"
Z Production - 2021

Cover Half Deaf Clatch - A Secret Life.jpg

Half Deaf Clatch (UK)
"A Secret Life"
Speak Up Recordings - 2021

Cover Rey Chams - Canciones Populares Negras.jpg

Rey Chams (Spain)
"Canciones Populares Negras
(Madrid - Managua - Barcelona, Est. 1984)"
KZoo Music / Anca la Sole Records 2021

Cover Lino Muoio - Mandolin Blues - Vedi Napoli e PoiMouio.jpg

Lino Muoio (Italy)
"Mandolin Blues -
Vedi Napoli E Poi...Muoio"
Bloos Records - 2021

- 2021 -

Cover Natalia M. King - Woman Kind Of My Own.jpg

Natalia M. King (USA / France)
"Woman Mind Of My Own"
Dixiefrog Records - 2021

Cover The Blues Swingers - Certified Fools.jpg

Blues Swingers (Chile)
"Certified Fools"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Othman Wahabi & The Blues Punk Machine - I'm Coming Home.jpg
Cover GA-20 - Does Hound Dog Taylor Live !.jpg

GA-20 (USA) - Single -
"Does Hound Dog Taylor Live!"
Karma Chief / Colemine Records - 2021

Othman Wahabi & The Blues Punk Machine
"I'm Coming Home"
Saidari Records - 2021

Cover Boo Boo Davis - Trasantlantic Quarataine Session.jpg

Boo Boo Davis + ElctroBluesSociety
(USA / The Netherlands) 
"Transatlantic Quarantaine Sessions"
Black and Tan Records B&T-987 - 2021

Cover Amiya - Roots.jpg

Amiya (Poland)
Amiyasart Records - 2021

Cover Ricci Krown - City Country City.jpg

Ricci / Krown (USA)
"City Country City"
Gulf Coast Records - 2021

Cover Sugar Queen And The Stright Blues Band . Better Days.jpg

Sugar Queen and the Straight Blues Band
(USA/The Netherlands)
"Better Days"
Self Released - 2021

Cover The Soaked Lamb - Two To Two.jpg

The Soaked Lamb (Portugal)
"Two to Two"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Cookin' Raw Blues - Hard Nuts To Crack.jpg

Cookin' Raw Blues (Spain)
"Hard Nuts to Crack"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Dhickenbone Slim - Serve It To Me Hot.jpeg
Cover Joe Barr with Breezy Rodio - Soul For The Heart.jpg

Chickenbone Slim  and The Biscuits (USA)
"Serve It To Me Hot"
Vizztone Label - 2021

Joe Barr with Breezy Rodio (USA)
"Soul For The Heart"
DixieFrog Records 

Cover Dionne Bennett - Sugar Hip Ya Ya.jpg

Dionne Bennett (UK)
"Sugar Hip Ya Ya"
Hunnia Records - 2021

Cover Washboard Resonators - Streamlined Rag.jpg

Washboard Resonators (UK)
"Streamlined Rag"
Self Released - 2021

Cover JD Simo - Mind Control.jpg

JD Simo  (USA)
"Mind Control"
Crows Feet Records - 2021

Cover Hanna PK - Blues All Over My Shoes.jpg

Hanna PK (South Korea)
"Blues All Over My Shoes"
Vizztone Label / Booga Music - 2021

Cover Manny Fizzotti - Nobody Understands.jpg

Manny Fizzotti (UK)
"Nobody Understands"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Daniel Bahamondes - Amor Presto.jpg

Daniel Bahamondes (Chile)
"Amor Presto"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Cory Wong - The Paisley Park Session.jpg

Cory Wong (USA)
"The Paisley Park Session"
Roundwound Media - 2021

Cover BB & The Blues Shacks - Breaking Point.jpg

BB & The Blues Shacks (Germany)
"Breaking Point"
Rhythm Bomb Records - 2021

Cover Tony Holiday - Porch Sessiions Volume 2.jpg

Tony Holiday  (USA)
"Porch Sessions Volume 2"
Blue Heart Records - 2021

Cover - Various Artist - Sacre Soul Of North Carolina.jpg

Various Artists (USA)
"Sacred Soul Of North Carolina"
Bible And Tire Records - 2021

Cover Screaming Wheels - Instramental.jpg

The Screaming Wheels (Croatia)
Rock Svirke Records 

Cover Rob Mortimer - Peep.jpg

Rob Mortimer  (USA)
Self Released - 2021

Cover Buffalo Nichols - Buffalo Nichols.png

Buffalo Nichols (USA)
"Buffalo Nichols"
Fat Possum Records - 2021

Cover Zac Harmon - Long As I Got My Guitar.jpg

Zac Harmon (USA)
"Long as I Got My Guitar"
Catfood Records - 2021

Cover Maskinen För Blues - Markinen För Blues.jpg

Maskinen för Blues (Sweden)
"Maskinen för Blues" 
pBp Records - 2021

Cover Ben Levin - Still Here.jpg

Ben Levin (USA)
"Still Here"
Vizztone Label  - 2021

Cover Malatun - Big Fish.jpg

Malatun (Spain)
Xavi Malacara & Luis Atun Aznarez
"Big Fish" (EP)
Self Released - 2021

Cover Corey Harris - Insurrection Blues.jpg

Corey Harris (USA)
"The Insurrection Blues"
MC Records - 2021

Cover Big Daddy Wilson - Hard Time Blues.jpg

Big Daddy Wilson (USA)
"Hard Time Blues"
Continental Blue Heaven - 2021

Cover Captain Morgan Express - No Weirdos Please.jpg

Captain Morgan Express (The Netherlands)
"No Weirdos Please"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Memphissippi Sounds - Welcome To The Land.jpg

Memphissippi Sounds  (USA)
"Welcome To The Land"
Little Village Foundation - 2021

Cover Mikko Löytty - Bluestars.jpg

Mikko Loytty (Finland)
Eclipse Music - 2021

Cover Luther Guitar Junior Johnson - Once In A Blue Moon f.jpg

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson (USA)
"Once In A Blue Moon"
Crossroads Blues Media - 2021

Cover Southern Avenue - Be The Love You Want.jpg

Southern Avenue (USA)
"Be The Love You Want"
Renew Records / BMG - 2021

Cover Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces - I Was A Witness.jpg

Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces
(USA / The Netherlands)
"I Was A Witness"
Suburban Records - 2021

Cover Sue Folley - Pinky's Blues.jpg

Sue Foley (Canada)
"Pinky's Blues"
Stony Plain Records - 2021

Cover Altered Five Blues Band - Holler If You Hear Me.jpg

Altered Five Blues Band (USA)
"Holler If You Hear Me"
Blind Pig Records - 2021

Cover The Supersoul Brothers - Shadows & Lights.jpg

The Supersoul Brothers (France)
"Shadows & Lights"
Dixiefrog Records - 2021

Cover - Ghalia Volt -.jpg

Ghalia Volt (Belgium)
"Jam In The Van Live Session,
Mammoth Lakes, CA, 2021"
Jam In The Van - 2021 (EP)

Cover Héctor Anchondo - Let Loose Those Chains.jpg

Héctor Anchondo (USA)
"Let Loose Those Chains"
Vizztone Label - 2021

Cover Samantha Fish - Faster.jpg

Samantha Fish (USA)
Rounder Records - 2021

Cover Strange Majik - Strange Majik And The Righteous Wrongs.jpg

Strange Majik  (USA)
"Strange Majik And The Righteous Wrongs"
Bang Bang Boogaloo - 2021

Cover Elliott Sharp's Terraplane - Century.jpg

Elliott Sharp's Terraplane (USA)
zOaR Music - 2021

Cover Bino Blues Band - Blues Cream.jpg

Bino Blues Band (Italy)
"Blues Cream"
Barly Records - 2021

Cover Till Seidel & Roger C. Wade - I Takes Two.jpg
Cover Malcolm Wells & The Two Timers - Hollerin' Out Loud.jpg

Malcolm Wells & The Two Timers (USA)
"Hollerin' Out Loud"
Self Released - 2021

Till Seidel & Roger C. Wade (Germany)
"I Takes Two...To Boogie"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Stomic 44's . Volume One.jpg

The Atomic 44's  (USA)
"Volume One"
Bird Dog Records - 2021

Cover Mick Kolassa - Wasted Youth.jpg

Mick Kolassa (USA)
"Wasted Youth"
Endless Blues Records - 2021

Cover Johnny Tucker & The All Star feat Kid Ramos - 75 and Alive.jpg

Johnny Tucker and The Allstars
feat Kid Ramos (USA)
"75 and Alive"
High John Records - 2021

Cover Mama & Friends - Mama's Bag.jpg

Mama & Friends (Turkey)
"Mama's Bag"
Bone Union Records - 2021

Cover Charlie Parr - Last Of The Better Days Ahead.jpg

Charlie Parr  (USA)
"Last of the Better Days Ahead"
Smithsonian Folkways Recording  - 2021

Cover Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers.jpg

Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers (USA)
"Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers"
Vizztone Label - 2021

Cover GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor - Try It...You Might Like It!.jpg

GA-20 (USA)
"Does Hound Dog Taylor"
Karma Chief Records - 2021

Cover Christone Kingfish Ingram - 662.jpg
Cover Oscar LaDell & Chris Armour - Right Kinda Wrong.jpg

Christone Kingfish Ingram (USA)
Alligator Records - 2021

Oscar LaDell & Chris Armour (New Zealand)
"Right Kinda Wrong"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Gisele Jackson & The Shu Shu's - Soul Live.jpg

Gisele Jackson & The Shu Shu´s 
"Soul Live"
Ediciones Blau Records - 2021

Cover Miriam Mandipira - Flashes.jpg

Miriam Mandipira (Zimbabwe/Denmark)
Gateway Music - 2021

Cover Nacomi Tanaka - Onward And Upward.jpg

Nacomi Tanaka (Japan)
"Onward and Upward"
P-Vine Records 

Cover Cedric Burnside - I Be Trying.jpg

Cedric Burnside  (USA)
"I Be Trying"
Single Lock Records - 2021

Cover Ajay Srivastav - Powerles.jpg

Ajay Srivastav (India/UK)
Scion Records - 2021

Cover Budda Power Blues & Maria Joao - The Blues Experience II.jpg

Budda Power Blues & Maria Joao (Portugal)
"The Blues Experience II"
Mobydick Records - 2021

Cover Brenda Taylor - Buggy Ride.jpg

Brenda Taylor (USA)
"Buggy Ride"
Wolf Records - 2021

Les Filles de Illighadad- At Pionner Works.jpg

Les Filles de Illighadad (Niger)
"At Pioneer Works"
Sahel Sounds - 2021

Cover Rolf Wikstrom - Ballader Ovh Brol.jpg

Rolf Wikstrom (Sweden)
"Ballader och Brol"
Blacklight - 2021

Cover Laino & Broken Seeds - Sick To The Bone.jpg

Laino & Broken Seeds (Italy)
"Sick to the Bone"
Off Label Records - 2021

Cover Sweet Scarlett - Rockin' That Soul.jpg

Sweet Scarlett (France)
"Rockin That Soul"
EMA/Oktopus- 2021

Cover Ayron Jones - Child Of The State.jpg

Ayron Jones (USA)
"Child Of The State"
Big Machine/John Varvatos Records

Cover The Ashcats - Give It To Get It.jpg

The Ashcats (USA)
"Give It to Get It"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Norsk Utflukt - Heder & Verdighet.

Norsk Utflukt (Norway)
"Heder & Verdighet"
Grammofone - 2021

Cover Indian Shadows - Tam Tam Blues f.j

Indian Shadows (Spain)
"Tam Tam Blues"
Self Released - 2021


Eddie Blues Barney (USA)
"Sit Down And Play Us Some Blues"
Self Released - 2021


Geiger von Muller (UK)
"Ruby Red Run"
GVM Records - 2020

Cover Markowski, Slawomir - Blurange.jpg

Sławomir Markowski (Poland)
Luna Music - 2021

Cover Jarkka Rissanen & Sons Of The Desert - Cargo.jpg

Jarkka Rissanen & Songs Of The Desert
Humu Records - 2021

Cover Rob Stone feat. Elena Kato & Hiros

Rob Stone feat. Elena Kato &
Hiroshi Eguch - (USA/Japan) 
"Trio in Tokyo"
Blue Heart Records - 2021

Cover Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Rid

Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders
"Lockdown Live"
Secret Records - 2021

Cover Guy Davis - Be Ready When I Call Y

Guy Davis (USA)
"Be Ready When I Call You"
MC Records - 2021

Cover Same Player Shoot Again - Our Albe

Same Player Shoot Again (France)
"Our King Albert"
Fives Fishes/Bonsaï Music - 2021

Cover Little Hat - Wine Whiskey & Wimmen

Little Hat (The Netherlands)
"Wine Whiskey & Wimmen"
Rhythm Bomb Records - 2021

Cover Halley DeVestern Band . Live (Mone

Halley DeVestern Band (USA)
"Live (Money Ain't Time)"
Self Released - 2021

Cover Eddie 9V - Little Black Flies.jpg

Eddie 9V (USA)
"Little Black Flies"
RUF Records - 2021

Cover Robert Finley - Sharecropper's Son

Robert Finley  (USA)
"Sharecropper's Son"
Easy Eye Sound - 2021

Cover John Hiatt - Leftover Feelings.jpg

John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band (USA)
"Leftover Feelings"
New West Records - 2021

Cover Richville - Raw.jpg