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willy mazzer

& the headhunter blues band

classical atmosphere

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willy mazzer

&  t h e   h e a d h u n t e r   b l u e s   b a n d 

"cotton, juke & silk"

azzurra music

release date : june 9, 2023


Willy Mazzer - harmonica, vocals
Carlo De Bei - guitar, vocals
Dario Sgobaro - bass
Paolo Callegaro - drums

01 Feel So Good 05:24
02 Must Have Been The Devil 02:42
03 Sadie 06:46
04 Dorado Roll 03:11
05 The Promise 06:29
06 Checkin' Up On My Babe 05:02
07 French Kiss 07:18
08 I'm Just Your Fool 04:32
09 Mystery Train 03:21
10 You Hurt Me 04:27
11 Latin'ia 07:02
12 No Shoes 05:48
13 Feelin' Good 04:23
14 Amore Fermati 02:59

Cotton, Juke & Silk - Listen to samplesWilly Mazzer & The Headhunter Blues Band
00:00 / 10:30

Blues in Italy enjoys a long tradition of musicians, clubs and recordings and a large contingent of fans that continues to grow over time. The pioneer with no doubt was the Milanese harmonica player Fabio Trebes who began to record in the mid-sixties, setting the precedent that served to establish the blues in the imagination of the incipient curious of the genre in the country. Following the path started by Trebes, currently the names of Fabrizio Poggi, Breezy Rodio or Andrea Sacci have brought the blues harmonica to high levels of popularity among fans and specialized media . Another of the musicians necessary to evaluate the shape state of the instrument is the musician from Treviso Willy Mazzer. In 1992 he founded his own band The Headhunter Blues Band which he has kept going to this day. He also participated in albums by the fantastic and emblematic guitarist Ruddy Rotta while also performing and recording an album in 2019 with the also renowed guitarist Tolo Marton. Willy Mazzer & The Headhunter Blues Band have just released this album "Cotton, Juke & Silk", and it's a musical work as complex as uplifting, Mazzer's harmonica takes some risky paths in which he can only succeed due to his great quality as an instrumentalist as well as the complicity he demands of himself. This is a great modern blues album.

H  E  A  D  H  U  N  T  E  R  S     A  N  D     O  T  H  E  R     B  L  U  E  S     A  D  V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S




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Willy Mazzer : Harmonica, Vocals
Alberto Boscolo : Guitar
Oscar Marchioni : Hammond
Paolo Callegaro : Drums
Tolo Marton : Guitar, Vocals
Francesco Boldini : Guitar

Willy Mazzer : Harmonica, Vocals
Tolo Marton : Guitar, Vocals
Sandro Cocco Marinoni - bass


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