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A  N  O  T  H  E  R     L  O  O  K     A  T     R  O  B  E  R  T     J  O  H  N  S  O  N 

the rusties blues band

Cover The Rusties Blues Band - Discoveri

the rusties
blues band


"Discovering Robert Johnson"

Self Released - 2021 - Release date: March 30, 2021


Miquel Grifell: guitar, cigar box, harmònica, vocals
Manel Gaspar: keyboards
Miquel Pascal: bass, double bass
Àngel Abad: drums, washboard

The Rusties Blues Band - Discovering Robert Johnson
00:00 / 33:56


01. Cross Road Blues 03:52
02. Ramblin’ On My Mind 02:38
03. They’re Red Hot 02:53
04. From Four Till Late 03:19
05. Sweet Home Chicago 03:53
06. Walkin’ Blues 02:30
07. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day 02:49
08. Malted Milk 02:58
09. Milkcow’s Calf Blues 03:46
10. Love In Vain 02:36
11. Crossroad 02:40

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P    R    E    V    I    O    U    S         A    L    B    U    M    s 

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rusties blues band Discovering The Blues


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rusties blues band 5.jpg

"Discovering Robert Johnson" is yet another look at bluesman legend Robert Johnson. It can be speculated if there is any missing link that can musically contribute something new to his work, his figure and the transcendence of his legacy. So the answer must obviously be negative. Just revisionism. But any blues music lover knows well that "Crossroads Blues", "Ramblin 'On My Mind", "Love In Vain" or "Sweet Home Chicago" are reborn in every performance, they come to life every time a blues musician slides devilishly the bottleneck  between the guitar strings, they show the state of mind and nakedly transmit the soul in each one of his playing. From Catalunya (Spain) "The Rusties Blues Band" can exemplify what has been said, four devotees of blues music and eternal debtors to the king of the delta, pay tribute to his music and to his eternity. Eleven versions played with the respect and devotion of which they are capable, but in any case they are eleven songs full of gratitude and soul, which is what can be expected when you desecrate the crossroads.



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