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the California Honeydrops

Let's start the party!!

"Soft Spot"


"Soft Spot"

tubtone records 2022

release date : october 7, 2022


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Lech Wierzynski - guitar, trumpet, vocals
Ben Malament - drums
Johnny Bones - tenor sax, clarinet
Lorenzo Loera - keyboards
Beau Bradbury - bass


01 Honey and Butter 03:49
02 Gonna Be Alright 03:38
03 Nothing at All 02:53
04 I Miss You Baby, Pt. 1 04:04
05 Tumblin' 03:44
06 Takin' My Time 05:29
07 The Unicorn 02:33
08 Soft Spot 03:03
09 In Your Arms 04:40
10 Lil Bit of Love 03:53
11 Sneakin' into Heaven 03:12
12 I Miss You Baby, Pt. 2 05:30

Previos albums

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2022 EP

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Soft Spot


I got a soft spot for you baby ooh
Wonder what it is you got
Makes me think you so hot
I got a soft spot for you baby ooh
There’s nothing you could do
to make me stop loving you

In sunshine or sorrow
Still I know tomorrow
In blue skies or rain
I’ll keep on falling again and again
For you oooooooh it’s true baby
Something you’ve got gets me in my soft spot
I got a soft spot for you baby
And I’ve got to make you mine

Baby girl you got a hold on me
Oh sugar
Something you got
Something you got
Gets me right there in my soft spot
Oh baby, I’ve got to make you mine

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Listen to samplesThe California Honeydrops . "Soft Spot"
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Polish-born Lech Wierzynski and Ben Malament brought The California Honeydrops to life in Oakland in 2007.

A year later, in 2008, they released their first album and went on their first European tour.

All of their releases have been through their own Tubtone Records label.

Lech Wierzynski studied ethnomusicology, focusing on American music, and in particular the music of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans. Songwriter, singer, trumpeter and guitarist, Lech found in Ben Malament the ideal and necessary partner to capture all his concerns and musical illusions in the score and capture them in the band that would revitalize the soul and R & B scene in the context of roots music of the last decade. The California Honeydrops have had all the ingredients to become true stage breakers, a multi-dynamic rhythm section, an overwhelming, forceful and omnipresent horn section, devastating compositions and a playful spirit and unparalleled interpretative generosity. With thirteen records in their suitcase, they have traveled the world, infecting the audiences with their musical optimism and their energetic proposal, becoming an essential and definitive band to consolidate in parallel a whole movement that aims to carry forward the American roots music. And these guys do it with forcefulness and renewed vitality.

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