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slideboy vegas

Cover Slide Vegas - Classic & Lonesome

Release date: February 9, 2021

Cover Reverend Wetfinger - Reverend Wetf



Release date: February 12, 2021


sticky fingers

Slideboy Vegas (Spain)
"Classic & Lonesome"
Self Released - 2021

01 Boom, Boom 03:48
02 Walkin' Blues 03:02
03 Baby Please Don't Go 02:37
04 Catfish Blues 03:50
05 Glory, Glory (Hallelujah) 03:09
06 Cotton Fields 02:56
07 Bring me my Shotgun 04:20
08 Death Letter 02:30
09 My Babe 02:24
10 Key to the Highway 04:25

Slideboy Vegas - Classic & Lonesome
00:00 / 35:36

Esteban Vegas (Slideboy Slim) - guitars, harmonica,vocals

slimboy vegas 6.jpg

From Alicante, on the Mediterranean east coast of Spain, Esteban "Slideboy" Vegas is a young guitarist and blues singer who, together with harmonica player Juan Jose "Little Fonsi" Alfonso, Humberto Corrales on double bass and Ruben Marcet on drums, leads the band Reverend Wetfinger with whom he reviews with total clairvoyance some of the classics responsible for his absolute devotion to blues music, from BB King, Slim Harpo, Big Bill Broonzy, Willie Cobb or the Fabulous Thunderbirds themselves. Fine musicians, they know perfectly what they have in hand and they develop with great exquisiteness and musical richness in each song they perform. In the same way, Esteban Vegas shows us his fidelity and dexterity with the twelve strings in his solo project on the album "Classic & Lonesome", where he relives the corners of delta blues in an acoustic key in a more intimate and personal way, showing himself in in this case a creative guitarist as well as a singer who is both moderate and persuasive. A couple of albums grateful to hear.

Reverend Wetfinger
"Reverend Wetfinger"
Self Released - 2021

Esteban Vegas - guitar, vocals
Juan Jose Alfonso(Little Fonsi) - harmonica, vocals
Ruben Marcet - drums
Humberto Corrales - double bass

Reverend Wetfinger - Reverend Wetfinger
00:00 / 33:39

01 You Don't Love me 02:58
02 Scratch my Back 05:13
03 Key to the Highway 05:13
04 This Train 03:30
05 She's Tough 03:55
06 How Long Blues 05:18
07 Rock me Baby 03:10
08 I Got a news for You 04:19

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