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blues hip-hop

Cover Slim Paul - Good For You.jpg

Slim Paul (France)
"Good for You"
Old Pot Records - 2021

Release date: February 12, 2021 

slim paul 5.jpg
Slim Paul - Good For You
00:00 / 42:28

Slim Paul - guitars,keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Jamo - drums
Manu Panier - bass 

01 When You Keep On Grooving 02:51
02 Spread The Love 02:51
03 That Line 03:27
04 Amazing You 03:14
05 In The Shadow 03:23
06 Good Is Gonna Come 02:57

07 Bury Me Deep 04:38
08 Everybody Knows 03:57
09 Dear Neighbor 03:00
10 Log Dog Blues 03:59
11 Tess And I 02:40
12There Will Be No Dawn 05:23

How far is a blues musician able to risk to reach the twenty-first century by surrendering to the twelve bars but making innovative, contemporary and avant-garde music? It's not easy for purists, but Slim Paul carries it in the head and the soul. With his guitar and his ragged and ravishing voice, this French from Toulouse, a magnificent composer and with clear diaphanous ideas, has been on the road since 2005, first with the challenging band called Scarecrow, with which he released four albums in which blues and hip-hop go hand in hand, and since 2016 by his own name having recorded three introspective albums where blues and folk caress over by gospel, soul and even with moments of great pop beauty. "Good For You" is his third work, a marvel of creativity and interpretation from start to finish, a gift for the ears most willing to dive into a sea of triviality.


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