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shun  kikuta (japan)

in  a  room - acoustic  solo

Rising Shun Records - R-20B0868

Release date: March 6, 2021


Shunsuke (shun) Kikuta - guitar, vocals
El Jose - guitar (Track 4)


01 I Just Wanna Make Love To You 05:16
02 Chicago Midnight 06:14
03 Blues Ni Koishite 04:24
04 Look Out Baby (Feat. El Jose) 05:00
05 Stormy Monday 04:08
06 People Get Ready 03:46
07 Old Mississippi Road 04:53
08 Delta Lightning 00:45
09 In A Room 00:36
10 One Day Is Hot, One Day Is Cold 05:02
11 You Are The One 02:07

Shun Kikuta - In A Room
00:00 / 45:17
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with  koko taylor -  "old school"

(Track 12)

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Shunsuke Kikuta was born in the city of Utsonomiya (Japan) in 1966. And like so many others, he succumbed to the blues after hearing the mythical "Live At The Regal" by BB King for the first time. His beginnings in music were Mozart, Gary Moore, Miles Davis, folk and hard rock. In 1986 he moved to the United States to study music and it all began there, three years later he was in Chicago playing at Rosa's Lounge with Louis Myers, the starting point for his anchoring in the windy city. Later along with Junior Wells, James Cotton, Otis Grand, Koko Taylor and many others who were able to see in Shun the authentic value of his guitar. From his second row, the Japanese has built a professional career as an authentic back musician but with an outstanding own production, from his first album "They Call Me Shun" in 1995 to the latter "In A Room - Acoustic Solo" more than fifteen albums behind him they give him a prominent individual personality in the Chicago blues of the last decades. Relaxed and exuberant, Shun Kikuta gives us this acoustic album for the enjoyment of an essential blues musician.