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shelton " kotton" powe

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Shelton " kotton" Powe was born in 1957 in Charlotte, North Carolina, into a family of gifted instrumentalists, singers and dancers. 

It wasn’t until the deaths of his mother and father in the late 1980s that Shelton became reacquainted with the rhythms and melodies of the old songs his parents used to sing. Picked up the guitar as a tribute to his deceased mother.

Shelton plays in the Piedmont finger-style guitar of the Carolina Blues tradition.

In 1990, he moved to Atlanta, where he began playing in coffee houses and clubs.

shelton " kotton" powe

"same train"

music maker foundation

In 1997 he came into the Music Maker Foundation's orbit while filming a documentary in Atlanta. Nothing happened until 2012 when he released the first album "Carolina Blues and Gospel". Ten years later the second album "Shelton Powe" was released.

release date : july 5, 2024



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