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Roxane Arnal - vocals, guitar
Baptiste Bailly - keyboards, backing vocals
Clément Faure - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Antony Gatta - drums,percussion, backing vocals
Julien “Dédé” Pinel - double bass (Tracks 2,9,11)
Joseph Champagnon - electricguitar  Manu Bertrand - dobro
Jessie Lee Houllier - guitar
Duncan Roberts - vocals (Track 8)

Roxane Arnal & Baptiste Bailly

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Roxane Arnal (Main Site)

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01 I'll Fly Away 04:33
02 Come Back To Me 03:43
03 Be The One You Are 04:06
04 Little Bird 04:31
05 Elior 04:18
06 September 02:37
07 Paint My Song 03:52
08 Give It All Away 04:06
09 No One Knows My Name 04:11
10 Rushed To Fly 04:57
11 On The Road 02:50

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Listen to samplesRoxane Arnal - "Elior"
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Previous EP

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An angel face and a heavenly voice. Roxane Arnal had her first encounter with music in her teens at a neighborhood club where some local bluesmen frequented. She got a guitar and learned to play by listening to her early idols, BB King and Eric Clapton. After a period of academic learning it was jazz that rocked her, Duke Ellington and Count Basie, the folk music embellished her instincts while pop tunes sweetened her creative impulses.

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"Something New"


Beauty and The Beast

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The year 2011 marked her premiere and she, together with the musical pedagogue and multi-instrumentalist Michel Ghuzel, formed the duo The Beauty and The Beast, an exquisite adventure that was reflected in the album "Something New". A few years later she meet Baptiste Bailly with whom she discovered a lot of musical affinities and their ambition led them to travel to the city of Valencia (Spain) where they found what they needed to record "Doorways", a first EP that it contained everything necessary not to speculate and return to France, and after hard work get back into a studio and record this first album entitled "Elior". The music it contains is poetry, simply adorable songs, a serene, insinuating and irresistible voice that crowns compositions that border on perfection, delicious instrumentation and arrangements to get away from the ordinary and enter paths that experiment with the senses and maximum good taste. I will not get tired of listening to them, in good and bad times, I think these songs will always be there.


Roxane Arnal is a French singer and actress born in 1995.

She was part of the duo The Beauty and The Best with the multi-instrumentalist Michel Ghuzel.

As an actress, she has participated since 2014 in six films.and three series for television

Roxane plays guitar, piano, double bass, mandolin, ukulele and harmonica.