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Block, Rory : 

femeale singer, guitarist and songwriter


Rory Block


A tribute to Bob Dylan

Stony Plain Records SPCD-1493

Release date : June 28, 2024


Rory Block - all instruments, vocals
Cindy Cashdollar - baritone guitar solo (Track 4)

01 Everything Is Broken  3:28
02 Ring Them Bells  2:43
03 Like A Rolling Stone  6:27
04 Not Dark Yet  6:04
05 Mr. Tambourine Man  3:39
06 Positively 4th Street  5:05
07 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall  7:06
08 Mother Of Muses  6:39
09 Murder Most Foul  20:42

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Rory has done it. After releasing more than thirty albums since 1975, six of them monographs singing the songs of Robert Johnson (2006), Son House (2008), Reverend Gary Davis (2012), Mississippi John Hurt (2013), Bukka White (2016) and Bessie Smith (2018), has now explored Bob Dylan through her creative energy. It's the best collection of songs, the most committed revision of the troubadour that that I have heard to date. Aurora "Rory" Block, born in 1949, is without a doubt the woman who throughout her fifty years of musical career has uncovered the best blues elixir with an acoustic guitar, performing country blues with her wrong skin color. Rory has made a selection of songs that with intelligent sensitivity recover the most obvious Dylan ("Like A Rolling Stone" (1965), "Mr. Tambourine Man" (1965), "A Hard Rain's A -Gonna Fall" (1963) and "Positively 4thStreet" (1965), but also she challenges the album "Oh Mercy" (1989) with two gems taken from it ("Everything Is Broken" and "Ring Them Bells"), she excites us with "Not Dark Yet" from the album "Time Out Of Mind" (1997) and finally she surprises us with "Mother Of Muses" and "Murder Most Foul" (twenty-minute song about the death of JFK) from the latest Dylan's album "Rough And Rowdy Ways" (2020). Rory grew up in Greenwich Village and the folk sounds of the city in the early sixties were decisive in her original musical formation and five decades later they have become evident in this album, the guitars have a specific treatment in each song, listening to them is a complete decalogue of method and each one of the cuts must be analyzed from a detailed study of each segment that gives it life. Rory has done it again, a masterpiece.



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Rory at the window of the Allan Block Sandal Shop, 171 West 4th Street, Greenwich Village, NYC

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