Podcast  21

P  O  D  C  A  S  T   


The Neville Brothers
Live at Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA, USA
November 19, 1987


Aaron Neville - Lead vocals
Art Neville - Keyboards / Vocals
Cyril Neville - Percussion / Vocals
Charles Neville - Sax / Vocals
Will Lee - Bass
Sid McGinnis - Guitar
Anton Fig - Drums
Willie Green  - percussion

Setlist :

01-Cissy Fish
04-People Say
05-The Dealer
06-A Kiss From Your Lips
07-30 x 90
08-Wake Up
09-Tell It Like It Is
11-Yellow Moon
12-Brother John >Iko Iko
13-Papa Wah Diddy
14-My Blood
15-Fiyo On The Bayou
16-Big Chief
17-Amazing Grace>
18-One Love

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