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Mississippian Edward Harrington aka Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater was also a pioneer of the electric blues eclosion in Chicago early in the fifties, and Valerie Eileen Hall aka Valerie Wellington, who would have probably been the best blues singer in Chicago if she had not died prematurely at 33. In 1986, one night at the memorable Nightstage in Cambridge, MA, witnessed a magical and exceptional performance.

Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater & Valerie Wellington

Live at Nightstage, Cambridge, MA, USA - January 10, 1986 - 1st Set !


Valerie Wellington - Vocals
Eddy Clearwater - guitar & vocals
Leo Davis - keyboards
Tim Austin - drums
Herman Applewhite - bass


1st Set:


1 Instrumental #1
2 Instrumental #2
3 Let The Good Times Roll
4 Steal Away
5 I Found Love
6 Sweet Home Chicago
7 Stage Banter
8 Going To St Louis
9 Ride With Me
10 Ride With Me end
11 Find You A Job
12 Blues For Breakfast
13 My Baby Left Me Because I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down

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