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Dana Fuchs - Vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine Jon Diamond - Guitar, harmonica and backing vocals Carter McClean - Drums Walter Latupeirissa - Bass


01 Intro 02 Almost Home 03 Not For Me 04 Lonely For A Lifetime 05 Songbird (Fly Me To Sleep) 06 Bible Baby 07 I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James) 08 Drive 09 Don't Let Me Down (The Beatles) 10 Helter Skelter (The Beatles)

Dana Fuchs Band
"Settembre al Parco - V Edizione"
Live at Anfiteatro Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea
Catanzaro - Italy
September 5, 2010

Private Concert Series

Last release



Love Lives On (2018)

Pray the Lord, Aleluya, she's alive!


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Dana Fuchs Band

Dana Fuchs, New Jersey 1976, is a blues singer who after seven published albums, the first one "Lonely For A Lifetime" in 2003, and a non-stop on the road since 1986, is currently the most torn and visceral voice that It can be found on stage today. Without a doubt, Dana is an explosion of unstoppable vitality and energy, singing to the limit and infecting her most sublime side as an artist. All this would not be possible without Jon Diamond, an Telecaster guitarist close to Albert Lee licks, who elevates the performance to endearing moments. They're a musical gem.

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