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RELEASE DATE : 04/01/2022


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Produced By Eric Welles-Nyström & Yale Evelev

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Pastor Wiley Champion - Guitar, Vocals
Harvey Lester - Keyboard
Leonard Franklin - Bass
Samuel Nicholas Champion & Geronimo - Drums
Bill Bronson - Saxophone
Background vocals: Sister Mary, Mother She’ren Champion, Heliena Champion, First Lady Elma Butler, Pastor Tex Butler

01 Intro 00:21
02 I Know That You've Been Wounded (Church Hurt)    03:14
03 He'll Make A Way (Trust In The Lord) 02:40
04 Talk To God    06:57
05 In The Name Of Jesus (Everytime) 05:25
06 To Be Used, By You (I Just Want To Be A Good Man) 02:25
07 Who Do Men Say I Am? 05:07
08 Storm Of Life (Stand By Me) 05:12
09 In The Service Of The Lord 04:30
10 I Just Want To Be A Good Man (To Be Used, By You) 03:48

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(NOV 23, 1946 - DEC 28, 2021)

Pastor Wiley Champion was many things throughout his life, he married and had five children, he was in prison for violating the racist laws of Louisiana, he was a carpenter an outsider. Pastor Champion was a traveler, itinerant preacher alone with his message and his guitar. He didn't care about anything other than his message and the relationship with whom he listened to it, without going any further, thinking only of the next day and what the road would hold for him. He was not interested in any of the music that was not his chords and prayers, he was never interested in recording an album. All this belonged to a world in which he did not fit, he did not talk to anyone about his past and he was convinced that his life did not deserve any attention for anyone. The people of Luaka Bop! Records, specialized in World Music and owned by David Byrne, the former leader of the Talking Heads , discovered Champion in an Oakland Baptist church and convinced him to record this album. I assume it was not an easy task. After gathering and introducing him to some more musicians, they did their best to learn the songs contained in the album, and the recording was made in the same church for two days. During the post-production studio work, Pastor Champion passed away. As had happened throughout his life, nobody thinks that he would have cared at all to listen to this recording. Luckily, we can do it.

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