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FEBRUARY 9, 2024


John Brauchier - guitars, resonator, bango 
Paul Gallucci - vocals, Harmonica, percussion, rhythm guitar (Tracks 4,8,11,12) 
Romeo Dubois - drums, backing vocals (Track 8) 
Paul Kochanski - upright & electric bass 
Alizon Lissance - piano, organ, accordion 
Ilana Katz Katz - fiddle 
Holly Harris - percussion 
Johnny Blue Horn - trumpet 
Mario Perrett - sax 
Robin Hathaway - duet vocal (Track 9) 
Tim Curry - backing vocals (Tracks 4,11) 

01 Side Hustle 04:51                                  
02 Blackfoot Sun 04:57                           
03 Mockingbird Way 03:06                         
04 What You Done? 04:50                          
05 Ain’t No Faker 05:45                               
06 Dr. Shine 05:35                                       
07 Brooklyn Town 03:58                             
08 Backbell 04:29                                        
09 Soul To Keep 05:15                                 
10 Babylon Clouds 03:44                         
11 Cemetery Waltz 05:08                  
12 Rib Grease 04:30                                  
13 Gator In My Pond 04:31                      

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You flip a coin and wait for one of the only two possibilities of landing, but One Dime Band offers you the possibility of a third. Logic does not understand postulates when these two veteran musicians take their instruments and play a song, in no case could you predict what will happen. They don't project anything new, they exquisitely prepare a walk where you feel good, they liven up with obvious generosity the time that spend while you're listening. Roots music is too ambiguous to describe them, in the ON position they set fire to their instincts and the blues that you could find on any place explodes in a society of energetic voices and enthusiastic guitars, hamonicas and mischievous horns, fiddles and percussions that embellish every corner of this album. After two first works in which they explored their possibilities to the limit, "Side Hustle" confirms without a doubt that these two guys are accomplished artists, their presence is a symptom of an overture, of open doors and windows through which an irresistible aroma of contemporary music for all of us who love the blues when it comes without warning.



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