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asymmetrical musicality


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Chantilly Negra - 2021

Release date: April 2, 2021

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Tia Gouttebel - guitar, vocals
Marco Glomeau - percussions, backing vocals 
Gilles Chabenat - hurdy gurdy (string section box)
Louis Jacques : bag pipe 
Guillaume Vargoz - harmonica
Maxence Latrémolière - vocals 

01 Lord Help the Poor and Needy 04:22
02 Chain Gang 03:23
03 Down in Mississippi 07:03
04 Mg's Boogie 05:24
05 Land's Song 04:16
06 Another Man Done Gone 04:21
07 Afro Briolage 03:13
08 Strange Fruit 03:03
09 You Gotta Move 04:23
10 Black Madonna 03:26
11 Tell Me You Love Me 02:58

Muddy Gurdy - Homecoming
00:00 / 45:58
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muddy gurdy 8.jpg
muddy gurdy 10.jpg
muddy gurdy 11.png

P R E V I O U S    A L B U M S

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muddy gurdy 2014.jpg



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The crossing of cultures is the origin of the richest musical traditions throughout history. The hurdy-gurdy is a pear-shaped violin with strings that do not sound with a bow, but rather with the edge of a wooden wheel turned by a handle at the end of the instrument. It has more than ten centuries of history and and became an instrument of worship in the court of King Louis XV. Present in the most ancient French folklore, it's the instrument that characterizes the music of Muddy Gurdy, a band from Clermond-Ferran (France) created in 2012 under the connection of three musicians with different origins, but with a desire to share their background to explore its compatibility with blues music. After releasing a first album in 2014 by the name Hypnotic Wheels, they went to the north of the state of Mississippi, land of Hill Country Blues and Junior Krimbourg, and with the help of local musicians they recorded a second album entitled "Muddy Gurdy" which was released by Vizztone Label in 2017. "Homecoming" has just been released and It's their third album, one more episode in their upward trajectory, a studio work without any cracks, complete, a total album. They pay tribute to legends like Fred Macdowell or Jessie Mae Hemphill and they definitely surrender with "Strange Fruit", an iconic piece in which you can find the best definition of what these three musicians propose in their extensive knowledge of traditional music without borders.



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