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DE-876 - 2022


NOVEMBER 11, 2022



Larry "Mud" Morganfield was born in 1954 in Chicago. He is the eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters.

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Mud lived as a truck driver until, after his father deat in 1983, he progressively began his foray into the music industry as a singer, bassist and occasionally drummer.


Mud Morganfiel - vocals (All Tracks), bass (Track 1)
Rick Kreher - guitar (All Tracks)
Billy Flynn - guitar (All Tracks except 1)
Mike Wheeler - guitar (Track 1)
Cameron Lewis - drums, percussion (Track 1)
Kenny Beedy Eyes" Smith - drums (All Tracks except 1)
EG McDaniels - bass (All Tracks)
Bob Corritore  harmonica (Tracks 2,5,7,8,9,10)
Harmonica Hinds - harmonica (Tracks 3,4,6,11,12,13,14)
Luca Chiellini - keyboards (Track 1)
Barrelhouse Chuck - keyboards (All Tracks except 1)
Felicia Collins, Shantina Lowe, Demetrius Hall - choir (Track 1)


Praise Him 05:21
02 Short Dressed Woman 03:30
03 Son Of The Seventh Son 04:40
04 Love To Flirt 02:54
05 Catfishing 04:48
06 Health 06:06
07 Loco Motor 04:03
08 Money (Can't Buy Everything)04:07
09 Midnight Lover 07:46
10 Go Ahead And Blame Me 03:32
11 Leave Me Alone 04:23
12 You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had 03:34
13 Blues In My Shoes 04:54
Good Morning Little School Girl 03:36



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Listen to samplesMud Morganfield - "Portrait"
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In 2014, together with harmonica player Kim Wilson, he released the Muddy Waters tribute album "For Pops" which was awarded at the 2015 Blues Music Awards in the 'Traditional Blues Album' category.

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Mud Morganfield has been an indisputable staple of Chicago blues for the past three decades. His mere presence on the scene would justify that statement, but his significance goes further. He has never tried to escape from the reality that undoubtedly associates him to his father, among others the characteristic tone of voice and the structures of the songs, but Mud's professionalism has achieved his own personality that has placed him on his own merits as an indisputable blues figure of this century. Not only he has recorded unsurpassed quality albums , "Son Of The Seven Son" (2012), "The Blues Is In My Blood" (2013), or "They Call Me Mud" (2018), but his name has catalyzed the interest of fans around the world and his recurring hints to Muddy Waters have been understood as an inevitable deference to the greatest Chicago bluesman. Listening to him is an exercise in evaluating his wealth as a musician, a deep singer who does not speculate with easy clixes and throws himself with devotion and loyalty into the progress of songs that, I have no doubt, only he can face. About "Portrait" this new album released by Delmark Records , contains the twelve tracks from "Son Of The Seven Son" released by Severn Records, updated and remixed plus two unreleased ones, the introspective "Praise Him" ​​and the closing title  "Good Morning Little School Girl", bringing John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson's classic to the fore.

 "I came up in Chicago and listened to Motown and Stax Records, The Temptations, Barry White and people like that. So that’s what I related to as a kid in the late Sixties and early Seventies. So that’s what I do. I keep an open mind. I don’t want to be associated only with what Dad did. I have to be me" (M.M. 2019)

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