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Moody Smith & The Speculators

obscured by blues

Moody Smith & The Speculators - "My Life Ain't Long" (2023)

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Moody Smith & The Speculators - "My Life Ain't Long" (2023)

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Moody Smith & The Speculators

"My Life Ain't Long"

Llafeht Publishing – CD-202301

Release date: January 1, 2023


They are :

Moody Smith - guitar, vocals  Ross Aubrey - guitar, piano 
Peter Grzdaka - bass  David De Silva - drums

Playing the songs :

01 Come See Me 04:11  02 Turn on The Tears 04:55  03 Move Out Wes 05:41  04 Going Away 03:36  05 My Baby Loves Me The Most 04:31  06 Oh Baby Oh Baby 03:34  07 Do You Need A Rid 05:23  08 Louisville Blues 03:48  09 I Deserve The Blues 04:42  10 It Don't Take Much 03:46  11 Quitting Time 06:10  12 Married For 3 Weeks 04:57

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First shot:

Moody Smith 2021 EP 2.png

2021 (EP)

second shot:

Moody Smith 2021 EP 1.png

2021 (EP)


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Only from darkness can light emanate. Listening to narcotic guitars fighting to survive in a jungle of emotions, indulgent percussions surrounding each epistolary installment and a voice emerging from the bowels of a volcano in full eruption. Hypnotic songs that allow us to convince of the inexistence of limits to compose and perform music, the blues that does not look back, that allows the imagination and lucidity of the restless bluesman to develop before the will of an artistic creation. From the respect and learning from Son House and Furry Lewis, the synopsis of Hill Country Blues and the modernity of Howlin' Wolf. Basic structure - guitars, bass, drums and keyboards - brought together exclusively for a cosmos of lust and ingenuity, perpetrated at the forefront of a trench against misunderstanding and descredit. They are Moody Smith & The Speculators, a band from Sydney (Australia) active since 2019. They don't ignore the tradition of the old school blues, these guys are another direct connection with the twelve bars without going through the evidence and predictability, they risk the obviousness to achieve their goal of discovering new paths to cross the limits of orthodoxy that often restricts the originality of a musician. ""My Time Ain't Long" is an intrepid album, which won't make everyone happy, but it illuminates a dark street where blues music also travels.

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Our favourite song:

Listen to samples - Moody Smith & The Speculators - "My Time Ain't Long"
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