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Moody Smith & The Speculators

they don't speculate

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Moody Smith & The Speculators

"God fearing woman"

liafeht publishing pty ltd -2023

release date : july 12, 2003


Moody Smith
- guitar, vocals
Ross Aubrey
- guitar, piano
Peter Grzdaka
- bass
David De Silva
- drums

01 Keep The Faith 04:18
02 My Last Dollar 04:19
03 These Blues Was All She Left Me 03:46
04 No Second Chance Blues 04:59
05 God Fearing Woman 05:06
06 Mine All Mine 04:07
07 Have Mercy 04:48
08 I Got The Blues Again 03:48
09 You Mean Nothing To Me 05:49
10 Stay Baby Stay 05:02
11 You're Not The One 04:11
12 Awake Past Midnight 06:35

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Electrified delta blues, from the north, hypnosis of guitars dragged by the sinuisity of the road. Dust in his voice, the singer tells the stories without synchronicity, lazy. The band pushes the chords calmly, there is no rush to get anywhere. It's the blues of Moody Smith & The Speculators, from Sydney, Australia, sending messages of authenticity, without fear, reaching the zenith of self-complacency. It's blues with no mask, simple and underlying, it's music performed by four introverted souls true to themselves. playing from within to demonstrate the validity and originality of a handful of rough and harsh songs. The credibility of their proposal lies in the effectiveness of each of the songs, repetitive in form but indisputably unique in their result. This is an album to listen to without prejudice, put your mind in blank and let it play.  

t h a t   h a s   b e e n   c o o k e d   b e f o r e


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