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mingo balaguer's blueshadow

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cookin' at home

mingo balaguer's blueshadow

"cookin' at home"

self released - 2022

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the bluesmen:

Mingo Balaguer - harmonica, vocals
Kid Carlos - Slide guitar
Pablo Sanpa - guitar
Stefano Di Rubbo - drums

the songs:

01 Cool In The Evening (Steve Guyer)05:17
02 Drive It Home (Snooks Eaglin)03:21
03 Got To Get To My Baby (Sunnyland Slim)04:04
04 That's Allright (Jimmy Rogers)04:24
05 Mean Little Mama (Billy Branch)02:43
06 Hello Josephine (Fats Domino)03:24
07 Mad About Me Baby (Earl Green)02:38
08 Up the Line (Little Walter)04:02
09 The Facepotato (Kid Carlos)02:32




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previous shots


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Mingo Sanpa & Bárez Bros

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Mingo Balaguer: vocals and harmonica
Pablo Sanpa: Guitar
Sergio Bárez: Bass
Pablo Bárez: Drums
Lluís Coloma - piano 
Julián Maeso - B3

"hometown" Blues (2020)

kid carlos

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Carlos Moreno (Kid Carlos)- guitars
Stefano Di Rubbo - drums
raul "Lalu" Cordón - bass


"fango" (2020)

Let's say I'm talking about blues in Spain. The first name I should refer to is Mingo Balaguer. We would be talking about the pioneer, the first harmonica player, the first to imagine a blues band, it will soon be forty years since the best-written and most prolific career of blues music in Spanish lands. He started with the mythical Caledonia Blues Band in the mid-eighties, and since then his figure has been at the forefront leading different bands, non-stop performing, building the path along which the musicians who have succeeded him have circulated. As a musician his technique with the harmonica is infinite, blown from hours listening to Little Walter, Harmonica Smith, William Clarke or Paul Butterfield, he has created his own style as personal as it is identifiable that has allowed him to play classic Chicago Blues, genuine Jump Blues or restored Mississippi Country Blues. "Cookin 'At Home" is his latest album, now as Mingo Balaguer's Blueshadow and behind it are Balaguer himself and two guitarists, Kid Carlos and Pablo Sanpa, also from Seville, with their own careers and both with a consolidated reputation in the country's blues scene. This is an album that should have an impact beyond its borders, it's an international level work without a doubt.

kid carlos

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Carlos Moreno (Kid Carlos) - guitars
Txako Jones - vocals
Stefano Di Rubbo (batería)
Raúl 'Lalu' Cordón - bass

"cannonball" (2018)

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