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and ROLLIN' & tumblin'

"The Franklin Sessions"

blue heart records bhr 0046

release date : 06/16/2023


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Mike Guldin - Guitar and Vocals All Tracks - Tamborine (Track 8)
Bill Sharrow - Bass (Tracks 2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11)- Guitar (Track 8)- Tamborine (Track 3)
Tim Hooper - Piano (Tracks 3,4,8,10) Organ (Tracks 2,7,11)
Billy Wear - Drums (Tracks 2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11) - Tamborine (Track 8)
Kevin McKendree - Piano (Tracks 1,2,6,7,9,11)- Organ (Tracks 3,4,5,6,8)
Yates McKendree - Drums (Tracks 1,6,9) Guitar - (Tracks 5,6) Lap Steel Guitar (Track 3)
James Pennebaker - Guitar (Tracks 1,6,9)
David Santos - Bass (Tracks 1,6,9)
Mikey Junior - Harmonica (Track 11)
Su Teers - Background Vocals (Track 8)
The McCrary Sisters (Ann,Regina and Alfreda) Background Vocals (Track 3)
The Philadelphia Funk Authority - Horns (Tracks 6,8)
Dale Gerheart - Trombone
Kyle Hummel - Baritone Sax
Neil Wetzel - Tenor Sax
Andrew Kowal - Trumpet

01 The Franklin Shuffle 03:47
02 Killin' Floor 05:26
03 The Right Thing 04:23
04 Sometimes You Gotta Roll the Dice 02:26
05 Blow Wind Blow 05:17
06 Prisoner of Love 04:55
07 Smokin' Woman 06:15
08 Two Hearts 03:28
09 Sad and Lonely 03:54
10 Gettin' Over You is Workin' Over Me 03:44
11 Drivin' Duck Blues 03:55

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From Sellersville (PA) guitarist, singer and songwriter Mike Guldin is a road hero. During the last forty-five years, together with his inseparable Rollin '& Tumblin' band, he has toured all the clubs, dance-hall, honky tonk bars, theaters and festivals that he has been able to find open from coast to coast in the USA. The classic blues, Stax Soul, southern rock and even the rock'n'roll of the Stones are his starting point to develop his own style on the guitar, his particular vocal strength and a robust staging and forceful. With four albums released to date, he's not among the most recognized blues artists but he has converted to his religion a good number of faithful and loyal followers and unconditional connoisseurs of the magic of his performances and his incombustible ability to play the blues. Guldin is especially gifted for music, both with the covers and in his own compositions, he shows that special force to set fire to the most boring hearts and put a point of genius in each of his songs. His fourth album "The Franklin Sessions" is a marvel of modernity and creativity and keeps the listener always expecting what is going to happen after each chord. A delicious and transgressive work.

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