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long may you run

memphis & the misfits

"This album was our effort to show that it can still be done"




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memphis & the misfits 1_edited.jpg




Musicians : Ryan Sise - guitar, vocals   Gary Davis - bass, vocals    Dave Halstead - drums 

Tracklist:  01 Halfway to Number Nine 04:01  02 Walk That Line 03:49  03 Delta Home 05:22  04 Good Love 02:31  05 Ride these Mississippi Backroads 03:55  06 Simple Life 03:55  07 Hongry 03:33  08 Friend in the Blues 04:31

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"The sound of the Delta lives in these songs and while these may not be Grandpap's blues I bet he and Mammaw will shake a leg to it....."

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Gary Davis - bass, vocals    

Ryan Sise - guitar, vocals

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Dave Halstead - drums 

Lyrics "Walk That Line

Rollin' down to Memphis
Bass is in the back
Some day I'll be goin' lawd
Won't be comin' back
'Cause there's a girl that I've been thinkin' of
And I wanna make her mine
If she say she'll have me
Then I'll be the daddy that walked that line
I'm leavin' Detroit City
Ridin' that Southern Rail
Sure is hard to ride that thing
When man she fine as hell
But I gotta get to Memphis
'Cause I think them boys been keepin' time
If she say she'll have me
Then I'll be the daddy that walked that line
Well, I finally got that woman
Maybe she got me
We done had a baby
Now we're livin' out that dream
Down in Como, Mississippi
Just beneath that Memphis sign
And ever since she said she have me
Then I been the daddy that walked that line

Walk That Line
00:00 / 03:49

"Halfway to Number Nine" is eight songs and half an hour of oxygen. Bassist Gary Davis is a veteran musician hardened on the road from coast to coast and north to south of the United States. Ryan Sise is a terrific guitarist always hiding behind modesty and temperance. Dave Halstead research scientist, associate professor of engineering at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and drummer by devotion. All of them can play everything from jazz to rock & roll, Memphis music, delta blues and R&B conscientiously, but don't expect to hear an anachronistic soundtrack, they put their own style, their particular way of interpreting a legacy that in their hands continues to live and attractive. These three musicians formed the band Memphis & The Misfits four years ago, still undiscovered by a small majority of roots music fans, but they bring naturalness, professionalism and, above all, credibility to their proposal, an amalgamation of influences concentrated in eight subtle and prominent songs. An excellent band to bet on their future.

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