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He's the traveling man

Markus K

From The Netherlands to the world

Markus K

"LIVE with LOOPER No. 2"

Self Released - 2024

Release date: January 26, 2024

The Netherlands

Thirteen songs recorded at street performances on three different continents

01 A Busker’s Paradise 03:04 (Pamplona - Spain)   02 Stop Breaking Down 05:06 (Yokohama - Japan)   03 Paint Me A Picture 03:57 (Hamamatsu - Japan)   04 Everything I do Gohn Be Funky 03:44 (Tarragona - Spain)   05 In Awe 03:51 (Oliva - Spain)
06 Just A Shell (ft. Roland Haulin) 05:14 (Cognac - France)   07 C C Rider 03:58 (Alicante - Spain)   08 You Can’t Always Get What You Want 06:49 (Arcachon - France)   09 What Is The Soul Of A Man 03:37 (Hobart - Tasmania)   10 Howl At The Moon 03:58 (Frankfurt - Germany)   11 Sixteen Tons 03:38 (Chester - England)   12 Suzie Q 04:23 (Frankfurt - Germany)   13 A Precious Gift 04:20 (Cowes - Australia)

Played & mixed by Markus K (Markus Koehorst) - guitar, vocals, percussions

Additional instruments by
Roland Haulin: harmonica(track 6)
David Langlet: trumpet (track 8)
Marga Fernandez: voice sample (track 13)

Listen to samples

Listen to samples                    Listen to samples                    Listen to samples                    Listen to samples                    Listen to samples                    Listen to samples                    


Other busking recordings



2021 (Album)

2016 (Album)

2014 (Album)

You don't know
on the
in Almeria 

2020 - Living On The Street.png

Living On The Street

2020 - Hipchake on the street in Copenhagen (DenmarK).png

Hipchake on the street in Copenhagen 

2020 - Nature Does It.png

Nature Does It

2020 - Blue - Tarragona street concert with looper (Spain).png

Blue - Tarragona street concert with looper 

2023 In Awe.png

 In Awe

2021 - On a roll (De,o).png

 On a roll 

2020 - You Gotta Move.png

You Gotta Move

2020 - The Crumbling on the Berlin Wall (Germany).png

The Crumbling on the Berlin Wall 

2020 - Blue - Tarragona street concert with looper (Spain).png

 Stop Braking Down LIVE

2022 (EP)

2022 No More War.png

No More War

2021 - New Year COVID Blues Facebook Live.png

New Year COVID Blues Facebook Live

2020 - Gypsy Queen.png

Gypsy Queen

2021 (EP)

2020 - Paceful World.png

Paceful World

2022- Just A Shell - Live in Seville (Spain) 5 Jan, 2022.png

Just A Shell - Live in Seville (Spain) 5 Jan, 2022

2022 - We Merge on the river  in Sevilla 2022.png

We Merge on the river  in Sevilla 2022

2020 - Stop Braking Down LIVE.png

Stop Breaking Down LIVE

2020 - Blackbird.png


2020 - Circles Live ohn the street in Bergedorf (Germany).png

Circles Live ohn the street in Bergedorf 

2020 - Howl At The Moon.png

Howl At The Moon

2020 - Train Of Thought.png

Train Of Thought

2020 - Just A Shell live in Athens (Greece).png

Just A Shell live in Athens 

2020 - A Precious Gift.png

A Precious Gift

2020 - Switch I Off.png

Switch I Off

2020 - Raining.png


markus k 4.png

Selected from over 50 busking sessions in over 15 countries between October ‘22 and September ‘23
These are the best of the best of all the recorded tracks

The video of this live version of 'You Don't Know' went viral on Facebook and had nearly 1 million views in one week.

A music superstar. He started out as a teenager listening to his pop idols and immediately dreamed of being one of them. Grew up in a neighborhood where the law did not prevail, it was not easy growing up there, but his determination did not prevent him from leaving for the big city in search of success. He bought his first electric guitar with the salary at a cosmetics store, he made good friends and started performing in bars with small audiences and a lot of alcohol. He took some drugs and composed good songs, managed to get some played on local radio stations and his name circulated through the city alternative circles. One day the phone rang and he responded to a call from a promoter interested in seeking notoriety for him. He had heard his music and liked its uniqueness. He began opening for bands that performed in the downtown clubs and the audience response was increasingly intense. The first album was immediate and did not go unnoticed by a major record label. The unexpected success of sales and reproductions on the platforms exceeded any expectations. A first national tour kept him from city to city for six months, filling each performance with people and preparing the release of a second album. As if by magic, his figure as an artist became viral, social networks, television, newspapers and radio stations turned him into a music star. The third album sold millions of copies and earned his first Grammy. Another millionaire pop music star was born.
Without a doubt this story has been real, but it's not the story of Markus K, his story has wandered down another path. Born in The Netherlands and moved to Liverpool, Markus Koehorst has lived with music, not from music. A solitary traveler, he has traveled the five continents only with his electric guitar and his loop machine, occupying steert corners and avenues playing for a few coins to be able to follow the path, to meet very diverse people and cultures, learn from everything and everyone, making friends and live life from the inside. Discovering this artist of the impossible is discovering an exceptional musician who is not at all interested in proving it, sharing his genius is only entering an undescribed world, it's understanding that songs backed by an attitude do not deserve to be victims of globalization and that only exist due to the simplicity of a stoic and coherent soul. Markus K shows the way. These songs recorded on the street are his only musical treasure.

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