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louis merzzasoma

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Le Cri Du Charbon - 2021

Release date: March 5, 2021


Louis Mezzasoma  - guitars, vocals
Jean-Marc Henaux - harmonica
Gaël Bernaud - drums, background vocals
Sylvère Décot - trumpet
Anthony Tournier - trumpet

Louis Mezzasoma - Mercenary
00:00 / 40:36
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01. Kick Some Ass 02:47
02. Mercenary 04:34
03. Flat Land 04:13
04. Who U R 06:34
05. John-Lewis 02:30
06. Valley Of Shadows 06:01
07. Home Alone 03:28
08. Rusty Man 05:01
09. Truly Sorry 02:54
10. Walkin’ Blues 02:31

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Previous Albums


"Home Made Blues"

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le cri du charbon.png

In his mid-twenties, this young man from Saint-Étienne (France) has just released his third album in just four years, establishing himself as an emerging value on the French blues scene. Polyintrumentist, he's in charge of the electric guitars, the dobro, cigar-box and to compose nine of the ten songs that make up the album, only saluting the "Walkin 'Blues" by Robert Johnson. His proposal is based on delta blues, electrifying ideas and pleasing those who seek daring and heterodoxy in contemporary blues music. His voice fits perfectly into his narration and has the invaluable help of his mates Jean-Marc Henaux on harp and Gaël Bernaud on percussion. Listening to this album there is no doubt that in Europe there are excellent artisans of music who have their maximum degree of expression in the blues.


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