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finger made blues


an Album by



self released LHF-202301

release date september 15, 2023

the netherlands

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the players

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Jan Diertens - keyboards

André van der Werf - bass

Fred Reining - guitar, vocals

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Berend 'Boogie B' Reining - guitaritar, vocals

Hannes Langkamp - drums

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the songs

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01. Carry On 03:26
02. Headache Blues 06:02
03. Get Up Go Down 03:15
04. Makes Me Mad 04:31
05. Boogie Recipe 04:06
06. The Telephone Is Ringing 04:36
07. Mia’s Dream 02:33
08. Baby Why Don’t You Come Home 04:49
09. Let Me Go Or Make Me Stay 04:31
10. Take It Back To The Blues 04:52
11. Lonely For You 02:22
12. Blue Monday 04:49
13. I Keep On Drinking 02:49

studio albums

lefthand freddy 1992.jpg

Lefthand Freddy & The Aces
"Buried In Blues"
Lone Wolf Records

lefthand freddy 1994.jpg

Lefthand Freddy & The Aces
"Blue Tonight"
Music & Words Records

lefthand freddy 2000.jpg

Lefthand Freddy & The Aces
"Urban Blues Adventures"
Maura Music

lefthand freddy 2006.jpg

Lefthand Freddy 
"Back On Track"
Maura Music

lefthand freddy 2014.jpg

Lefthand Freddy 
"Soul Strings"
Self Released

live album

lefthand freddy 1996.png

Lefthand Freddy & The Aces
"Out On The Road Live"
Music & Words Records

Born in 1963, guitarist, singer and songwriter Fred "Lefthand Freddy" Reining writes the blues with capital letters in The Nertherlands. With more than thirty years on the road, he debuted in the early 90s with Lefthand Freddy & The Aces with André van der Werf on bass, Hans Waterman on drums and his son Berend Reining on rhythm guitar. With them he recorded four magnificent albums. In the 2000s he reformed the band with the replacement of the original drummer by Hannes Langkamp and the inclusion of keyboardist Jan Diertens and as Lefthand Freddy (The Aces was eliminated) he recorded in 2006 a splendid collection of songs entitled "Back On Track". By then Fred was already a reference in the blues scene in his country and was well known on the European circuit. His style with the guitar is as seductive as it's balanced with tempos and his technique with the strings, he usually plays with his bare fingers,  merge each episode in an amalgam of blues seasoned sometimes with doses of electrifying funk and other times with licks of soul, a bit of boogie and incisive beats of jazz. Lefthand Freddy has years of experience playing and in this latest album "Carry On!" he proposes to follow in his footsteps with one of the best blues albums produced in Europe this year.

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