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Lady Trucker

Peggy Sue Hemphill


Lady Trucker

"Rollin' Up On Ya"

Reverb Unit Records - 2023



The Zydeco Queen Of Mississippi

Release date : February 14, 2023


From the Hill Country Blues Burnside/Kimbrough/Tuner/Hemphill families, Lady Trucker continues the hypnotic blues tradition from the northeastern Mississippi foothills - repetitive guitar riffs/inhospitable percussion - blues with syncopated rhythms and local stories narrated with awareness and disinhibition. Pioneer Mississippi Fred McDowell played the first chords which were followed by Junior Kimbrough, Othar Turner, RL Burnside and Jessie Mae Hemphill. Jessie Mae's cousin, Peggy Sue Hemphill, a truck driver for 20 years, has carried on in the family tradition, as has the Burnside and Kimbrough saga, and stays in shape by performing regularly at area clubs and festivals, performances in which she is usually accompanied by her husband, also a musician Artemas Leseus (drummer and bassist), who played drums on the album "I Be Trying" by Cedric Burnside. This short but intense "Rollin' Up On Ya" is an enviable dose of energy, intensity and courage, produced by Austin's guitarist Scott “Janky” Lindsey through his own Reverb Unit Records label, who also plays the guitar on the album, showing his devotion and familiarity with the artists of the sub genre. And all this will not stop.

Lady Trucker - (Peggy Sue Hemphill) vocals, tambourine
Scott “Janky” Lindsey - guitar
Tim Scruggs - drums
Kevin Spight - bass
Cody Cotton - harmonica

01 She Wolf 05:20 
02 Train Train Train 04:39
03 Gimmie Just A Lil' 03:21
04 They Call Me Lady Trucker 03:15
05 I Caught My Man 02:33

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Listen to samples - Lady Trucker - Rollin' Up To Ya

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Scott “Janky” Lindsey


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