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Kunio Kishida


self released 2022

release date : October 30, 2022


Kunio Kishida - guitars, dobro, vocals   Jerry Wasley Jr - bass   Jamie Oldaker - drums, percussion   Merlyn Kelly - bass (Track 9)

Listen to samplesKunio Shikida - "10" - (2022)
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01 Down in the South 04:18   02 Jimmy Crazy Drivin' 04:18   03 Hey Jamie 03:44   04 Just Call Me 02:31  05 Before I Left U 04:32   06 I Want To 04:13  07 Take the Day Off 03:22   08 August Rain 02:21   09 Blueberry Fields 04:59   10 Last Ride (To Tulsa) 04:22   11 Bonus Track: Take the Day Off 06:42 

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Kunio Kishida was born in the city of Nagoya, Japan, in 1952.

 He joined a southern rock band "The Rice field" between 1974 and 1979.

In 1990 Kunio met and became friends with 

Gregg Allman, Dicky Betts, Allen Woody and Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers Band.

He started his solo career in 2002, 

his first album was recorded at Muscle Schools Studios 

joined by Johny Johnson.

Jamie Oldaker, Chuck Leavell and Jerry Wasley have been regular musicians on his recordings.

He owns a guitar shop

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This recording session was done shortly before the passing of drummer Jamie Oldaker. Jamie along with Jerry Wasley Jr. and Chuck Leavell have been great mates with Kunio Shikida and supported him on several of his essential albums. Shikida has been a reference musician on the Japanese blues scene since the early eighties,  mastery of the slide guitar and dobro are his musical DNA and are present in all of his recordings and live performances, some of which have been in the United States, where he has made small tours and has recorded two of his albums in the Alabama's Muscle Shoals studios. Japan is a country that has not been alien to blues music, musicians such as the harmonica player Shoji Naito - based in Chicago - the guitarists Nakomi Tanaka, Atsuki Kimura and Shun Kikuta or the pianist Rie Lee Kanehira have crossed borders and have known a certain international renown. Shikida, a veteran guitarist, acknowledges his fascination with southern rock and his admiration for The Allman Brothers Band, a band that has been present not only in his personal life but also in his compositions and guitar playing style. "10" is his latest work and contains eleven good reasons to get to know him if he is not yet one of your favorite bluesmen from the country of the rising sun.

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