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Kirris Riviere

& the delta du bruit

uk blues statement

present debut album

kIrris riviere and the delta du bruit

"kIrris riviere and the delta du bruit"

Dusk Art Studios - release date 11/10/2023


Evan Newman - keyboards
Kirris Riviere - vocals
Alistair Toms - guitar
Bryan Jones - bass
Pete Warner - drums, perrcussion
John Amor - guitar (Tracks 5,8)
Joe Wilkins - guitar (Tracks 1,4)
Andrew Neil Hayes - sax (Track 1,8,10,12)
Henry Slim - harmonica (Tracks 3,7,9)

produced by evan newman

01 Left Me in the Cold (Railroad Tracks) 02:49
02 I Just Can’t Be Satisfied 04:03
03 The Delta du Bruit 02:39
04 Take It to the Top (Snakes and Ladders) 02:30
05 Loose Cannon (Daisy Jane) 04:04
06 Down to the Border 02:43
07 I’m Ready 02:37
08 Have Mercy Baby 03:12
09 I Ain’t Got Time (Swamp ’til Morning) 04:21
10 No Fuss Bus 02:30
11 Cold Feet (Won’t Yo’ Feet Thaw?) 03:32
12 Louisiana 02:36

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The blues scene in the UK is in intensive movement / artists from different fronts and conceptions show concerns in which this musical genre takes somewhat eclectic forms and structures, but that define its conceptuality as origin and development in all its perceptions and possibilities of composition and performance / Far from any hint of excessive orthodoxy / the singer Kirris Riviere has been shaking the blues scene from the city of Bristol since he appeared on its scene in 2002 / Film actor, teacher and reverential blues musician, this man has a visceral proposal and congruent with the music that he considers the starting point of all popular music since the last century / Producer and musical director Evan Newman created the seed for this album in 2008, bringing together bassist Joe Allen, Kirris Riviere and drummer Paul Cook in a blues project called The Damn Busters. / Riviere has been a singer in other blues bands and it was in the mid-2010s that he founded Kirris Riviere Blues Band and released his first album "Left Me In The Cold" in 2014 / Their intransigence with the obvious soon translated into the idea of experimenting with innovative formulas and together with joe allen , they put all their experience and concerns into a collective they called future Blues Project and finally in 2018 recorded the album "The remixes" in which they exploited the essences of blues seasoned by flavors of Neo-Soul, Afro-Beat, hip-hop, gospel and R&B / Riviere's latest proposal is found with Kirris Riviere and the Delta du Bruit who have recorded a homonymous debut album musically directed and produced by evan newman where the originality and sagacity of this restless and undisciplined musician is perceived, challenging some premises and giving a special singularity to his music / Own compositions and renewed revisitations of Muddy Waters, Percy Mayfield, Willie Dixon, and Billy Ward / We must remain attentive to future concerns.

Almost every genre of popular music today has, in one way or another, been influenced by Blues music.
Formed as a collaborative effort, Future Blues Project offers music lovers a unique sonic journey and opportunities to discover great new music.

music moves in bristol

kirris riviere blues band - "left me in the cold" - ep 2014

future blues project - "the remixes" - 2018

Kirris Riviere - vocals extraordinaire
Rob Crooks - guitar
Charlie Rose - keyboards 
Bryan Jones - bass,
Andy Norman - drums 
Andrew Hayes - horns.

Kirris Riviere - Vocals
Joe Allen - bass, Guitar, Percussion & Backing Vocal 
DSiblime - Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass
the Maine - Vocals (tracks 3,6)
MC Genesis Elijah - vocals (track 8)
Andrew Neil Hayes (Track 10)
Everton nHartley (Track 11)

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