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Kat Danser (Canada)
"One Eye Open"
Black Hen Music  2021

Release date: February 12, 2021


Kat Danser - vocals
Steve Dawson - guitar
Gary Craig - drums
Jeremy Holmes - bass
Daniel Lapp - trumpet, fiddle
Kevin McKendree - keyboards
Dominic Conway - sax
Jeremy Cook - trombone
Malcolm Aiken - trumpet


01 Bring It with You When You Come 03:04
02 End of Days 04:43
03 Frenchman Street Shake 03:29
04 Get Right Church 04:08
05 Lonely and the Dragon 05:23
06 Mi Corazon 03:21
07 One Eye Closed 03:13
08 Please Don't Cry 03:49
09 Trainwreck 03:27
10 Way I Like It Done 04:17

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Kat Danser - One Eye Open
00:00 / 38:59

P  R  E  V   I   O  U  S    R  E  L  E  A  S  E  S

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Well. Last night  I had a dream and a passage allowed me to enjoy as if reality never woke me up. In the same crowded bar-room, between the thick smoke and the wandering of the most diverse people I had ever seen before, were playing Gus Canon with his banjo backed by The Memphis Jug Band and between them, the trumpet of Chocolate Armenteros and the sax of Mario Bauza warming up the atmosphere, giving breath to a sweaty Bebo Valdes playing the piano in a corner of the scene. Everything seemed so real that the music I was listening to had all the sense and logic that any acceptance of musical art could have. It was the best sound I'd ever heard until then. When I woke up the next morning, I found the album "One Eye Open" by Canadian Katheleed (Kat) Danser and what was my surprise when I discovered in her music the soundtrack that inexorably referred me to my dream. Thanks Kat for this album.