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john hiatt


the jerry douglas band


"leftover feelings"

New West Records - 2021

Release date: May 21, 2021


01 Long Black Electric Cadillac 03:25
02 Mississippi Phone Booth 03:06
03 The Music Is Hot 03:45
04 All The Lilacs In Ohio 03:29
05 I’m In Asheville 03:26
06 Light Of The Burning Sun 04:38
07 Little Goodnight 04:43
08 Buddy Boy 03:26
09 Changes In My Mind 03:35
10 Keen Rambler 03:25
11 Sweet Dream 04:28


John Hiatt - guitar, vocals
Jerry Douglas - dobro, lap steel, background vocals
Daniel Kimbro  bass, tic-tac bass 
Mike Seal - guitar
Christian Sedelmyer - violin 
Carmella Ramsey - background vocals

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c o m p l e t e  s t u d i o  a l b u m s

little village

cooder - hiatt - lowe - keltner

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little village

"little village"

reprise records - 1992

John Hiatt, born in 1952, is another of the great treasures of American popular music. Guitarist, singer and above all an undoubted solidity songwriter, he's one of the storytellers who have best illustrated the path traveled by genuinely rooted music that connects blues and folk with rock'n'roll. His album "Bring The Family" from 1992, backed by Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner, is one of the albums that best represents all this legacy, essential to know and understand the concept of Americana music. His record production includes more than twenty-five titles since his first appearance in 1973 and his tours and performances have been constant throughout his career, despite all this, Hiatt has always surprisingly loaded with a certain component of outsider and enigmatic musician, on the sidelines of massive success. His presence and his legacy are already essential for the popular music of the last fifty years.