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jj grey & mofro

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jj grey & mofro

Alligator Records

Release date: February 23, 2024

JJ Grey ( John Higginbotham) - Vocals, Guitars, Dobro, Keyboards, Harmonica
Craig Barnett - Drums, Percussion
Todd Smallie - Bass
Eric Brigmond - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Pete Winders - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Dennis Marion - Trumpet
Marcus Parsley - Trumpet
Kenny Hamilton - Sax, Flute
John Reid - Trumpet
Eric Mason - Congas, Percussion
Katie Dutton - Backing Vocals
Niki Dawson - Backing Vocals
Laiken Love - Backing Vocals
Sage Grey - Backing Vocals
Paul Curtis - Bassoon
Tali Rubenstein - Recorders
Lev Zhurbin - Fadolin
Quinn Carson - Trombone

Produced by JJ Grey
Orchestral Arrangements by Ronen Landa

01 The Sea    04:45    
02 Top Of The World 03:30    
03 On A Breeze 04:35    
04 Olustee    05:10    
05 Seminole Wind     06:17    
06 Wonderland 03:34    
07 Starry Night 04:41    
08 Free High 03:39    
09 Waiting    03:46    
10 Rooster    04:51    
11 Deeper Than Belief    04:22

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Nine years without any recording news from JJ Gray has been a long time. "Ol' Glory" was released in 2015 and those thirteen songs of Mofro remained immobile, the most revolutionary southern soul of this century entered a period of asymptomatic lethargy, a period of transition that has awakened in "Olustee" to return to the scene to an emblematic and innovative artist like few others in American music. This album is not the best of the Florida musician, none of his recordings can be qualified in that sense, his seven previous studio recordings are in themselves unqualifiable works, no minor work can be found in any of them. Perhaps in "Olustee" he has gone further and has put his ingenuity on a new path, until now unexplored, in which the composition of the songs has sought a way to crown excellence, unsuspected orchestrations to highlight the magic of a penetrating voice that we maybe haven't heard since Otis Redding. JJ Gray began his career in the mid-nineties and formed Mofro in 2001, under that name he recorded the first two albums for the San Francisco label Fog City Records until Alliagtor Records produced his third album "Country Ghetto" as JJ Grey & Mofro in 2007. Four more albums with the Chicago label that followed with the parenthesis of "Ol' Glory" produced by Provogue Records in 2015 and then silence until returning to Alligator with this latest album. A return as long-awaited as it's necessary. A comeback to celebrate in style.

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