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Jimmy Dawkins

Fast Fingers

Cover Jimmy Dawkins - All For Business f

Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins with Big Voice Odom & Otis Rush
"All For Business"
Delmark Records DE-634 - 1990 CD
Recorded October 27 & November 1, 1971

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Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins, guitar & vocals (4,10)  Andrew "Big Voice" Odom, vocals (1,3,5,6,8,11) Otis Rush, guitar  Jim Conley, tenor sax  Sonny Thompson, piano & organ  Ernest Gatewood, bass  Robert Crowder, drums (1,8,10) and Charles Hicks, drums (2-7,9,11)

01 All For Business 04:41
02 Cotton Country 08:10
03 Moon Man    04:58
04 Down So Long 03:59
05 Welfare Blues    04:29
06 Having Such A Hard Time 03:40
07 Sweet Home Chicago    07:20
08 Born In Poverty 07:25
09 Jammin With Otis 08:45
10 Hippies Playground    03:18
11 Moon Man (Alternate) 04:15

Otis Rush 1.jpg

Otis Rush

Big Voice Odom 1.jpg

Big Voice Odom

S   E   L   E   C   T   E   D       S   O   L   O       D   I   S   C   O   G   R   A   P   H  Y

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Jimmy Dawkins (1936-2013) was one of the bluesmen who with his calm and sinuous style with the guitar was fundamental along with other great icons such as Magic Sam or Otis Rush in the Chicago West-Side sound. He was never a showman, his particular picking of the strings and the speed of execution - which earned him the nickname of fast fingers - were his personal mark far from artifice and protagonism. Dawkins, who arrived in Chicago in 1955, was a quiet guitarist, stylist and perfectionist, had in Delmark Records the company that published his first albums from 1969 and had great international recognition, particularly in Europe and Japan, where he was performing with remarkable regularity. His recording work must be considered essential to the blues in Chicago since the late 50s, with essential recording sessions - both by his own and in his prolific sideman facet - and his legacy has been present in the musical formation of many guitarists that happened to him, being recognized as an influence by later players such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Stevie Ray Vaughan. "Fast Fingers" Dawkins was one of the greats.



Jimmy Dawkins - guitar, vocals
Sylvester Burns - bass
Keith Scott - guitar
Bruce Konig - keyboards
Tyrone Sentry - drums
Nora Jean - vocals (Tracks 3,4)

Set List

01 Intro >Jimmy's Groove 03:29 02 Your Love Won't Be Mine 05:01 03 Big Boss Man 03:43 04 Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home 04:40 05 Gonna Be Alright 05:29 06 Need Your Love So Bad 04:27 07 TV Mama 04:43 08 Serves Me Right to Suffer 04:41 09 If You Got to Love Somebody > Think My Woman Got Another Man 05:33

Jimmy Dawkins - Chicago Blues Fest 1987
00:00 / 41:51
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