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Cover Jean-Jacques Milteau - Key To The Highway - copia - copia.jpg
Cover Jean-Jacques Milteau - Key To The Highway - copia - copia - copia.jpg
Cover Jean-Jacques Milteau - Key To The Highway - copia - copia - copia - copia.jpg
Cover Jean-Jacques Milteau - Key To The Highway - copia - copia - copia - copia -

Jean-Jacques Milteau


Jean-Jacques Milteau

Dixiefrog Records - 2024

Harmonica dialogues

Release date : 03/29/2024


Jean-Jacques Milteau - harmonica (all Tracks)
Johan Dalgaard - keyboards
Laurent Vernerey - upright bass
Raphaël Chassin - drums, percussion
David Donatien - congas, percussion
Toma Milteau - drums, percussion (Track 4)
Harrison Kennedy  - vocals (Tracks 2,8)
Carlton Moody - guitar, vocals (Tracks 4,7,10)
Michael Robinson - vocals (Tracks 3,5,9)

01 Maggie’s Farm 03:25
02 Chain Of Fools 03:15
03 New Key To The Highway 03:06
04 Rainy Night in Georgia 04:16
05 Love The One You’re With 03:22
06 Sunshine Of Your Love 03:39
07 Stuck In The Middle With You 02:49
08 Takin’ It Back 02:48
09 What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) 03:52
10 Angel From Montgomery 03:58

One of the great pioneers of European blues harmonica. Born in Paris in 1950, this veteran artist succumbed to Dylan's early folk, to the Stones' shameless instinct of "Not Fade Away," to The Beatles' "Love Me Do," and later to the British blues origins of Ciryl Davis. and John Mayall. But nothing was the same in his life after listening to Sonny Terry, the blues had found him and the harmonica took over all his time. From there, Milteau has been step by step discovering where he had gotten himself, Big Bill Broonzy, Big Joe Williams, Jazz Gillum and Leadbelly. Then ultimately shaped his future as a harmonica player some harmonica blues heroes such as John Lee Curtis (Sonny Boy Williamson), Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf, Walter Horton, Junior Wells and James Cotton. Nothing could fail, and destiny wrote where JJ's path would go. His record debut was in 1973 with the release of "Special Instrumental" and to date almost thirty more albums have followed, in which he has surrounded himself not only with the best French musicians but also with American and African bluesmen, among them which highlights his two albums with Eric Bibb. Throughout his career, Miletau has understood that the indispensable complement to the harmonica language is the voice, granting singers a priority role in most of his recordings, Mighty Mo Rogers, Mighty Sam McClain, Gil-Scott Heron, Terry Calier or Demi Evans have put their vocal power into their recordings. In this latest album, Milteau addresses an exquisite selection of covers that will undoubtedly they have occupied an important part in his suitcase throughout his incredible career.

Full Discography

New Key To The Highway


E  A  R  L  Y     H  A  R  M  O  N  I  C  A  S

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Featured mates:

Eric Bibb - Mighty Mo Rodgers - Little Milton - Mighty Sam McClain - Carlton Moody - Manu
Galvin - Jean-Yves Lozac'h - Giles Michel - Christophe Deschamps - Harrison Kennedy - Vin
cent Segal - Michel Jerome Browne - Luc Bertin - Xavier Simonin - Michael Robinson - Ron
Smyth - Gil Scott Heron - Terry Callier - Demi Evans - Andrew "Junior Boy" Jones - Michelle
Shocked - N'Dambi - Howard Johnson - Olivier Ker Ouiro 





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