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H  A  R  M  A  N

J  A  M  E  S

James Harman & Those Dangerous Gentlemen's Band

"Didn't We Have Some Fun Sometime"

Electro-Fi Records 3465

Release date: 02/23/2024


James Harman (1946-2021)

James Harman - vocals, harmonica 
Nathan James - guitar, upright bass (Tracks 9,12)
percussion (Tracks 3,5,6,8,10)
Michael Tempo - percussion (Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,11), drums (Track 12)
Marty Dodson - drums (Tracks 1,2,4,7,11)

Troy Sandow - bass - (Tracks 1,2,4,7,11)
Carl Sonny Leyland - piano (Track 9)
Hal Smith - drums (Track 9)
Gene Taylor - piano (Track 12)

01 Pick Up The Slack 04:56
02 A Rut And A Groove 05:55
03 A Hand Shake 03:03
04 Work Don't Come To Me 06:24
05 Who's Got The Geetus 05:38
06 Mind's Eye Makes The Call 05:33
07 That Old Clock 06:22
08 You Can't Arrest Me For What's On My Mind 05:22
09 Trouble Loadin' Mama 03:28
10 Knock Me Out Again 07:31
11 Taking It On The Lam 04:14
12 Didn't We Have Some Fun Sometime 03:38

James Harman began his career as a musician in the early sixties in Florida, where he formed the Icehouse Blues Band. After recording some singles, he moved to California and with the band were playing alongside blues major names such as John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Freddie King, Big Joe Turner, Albert Collins or Muddy Waters. Before forming The James Harman Blues Band in 1977, few West Coast blues bands like James's had line-ups like this. Phil Alvin, Kid Ramos, Michael "Hollywood Fats" Mann, Junior Watson, David Hidalgo, Gene Taylor, Fred Kaplan or Anson Funderburgh among many others were with Harman live or in the recording studio. The albums released since the mid-eighties, first with Riviera Records and from 1990 with Black Top Records they accumulated reasons to be among the best west coast blues sessions of that decade. In 1995 "Black & White" was released, being the last album with the band's name on the cover. and the last in Black Top Records. Since 1998 , Harman released by his own eight more studio albums, including a compilation, which reaffirmed the harmonica player as one of the best blues artists of his generation.



One of those magic blues bands...