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indi(chica)go flood blues band

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Hannah Pope - electric guitar (All tracks), acoustic guitar (Tracks 3,7),
vocals (Tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,9)

Jett Lucas - guitar (Tracks 1,2,9)
Tiago Ribeiro - guitar (Tracks 3,4,5,6,8)
Matt Whoriskey - guitar (Track 4)
Zach Avery - guitar (Track 7)
Ilan Meged - bass (All tracks)
Ren Whitney - drums (All tracks)
Sophie Hafer - keyboards, vocals(Tracks 4,9)
Deven Duphare - alto sax (All tracks)
Will Mallard - trumpet (All tracks)
Gabriel Huff - congas (All tracks)
James Treichler - percussion (Tracks 4,5,6,9)
Gracie Lubisky - vocals (Tracks 2,3,4,5.6,7,9)

01 Adjustments 07:56
02 You To Me Are The Blues 06:23
03 When He Comes Down 06:02
04 Heartache Don't Last Long 02:49
05 Song From A Dream 07:33
06 Joyride 03:37
07 If Only 04:00
08 Stuff It! 07:30
09 Collage 05:48

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Cover Indigo Flood - You To Me Are The Blues.jpg

Led by guitarist, songwriter and singer Hannah Pope, Indigo Flood are an alternative blues band from Chicago that since 2019 have managed to modulate a differential sound through songs that are as honest as they are committed. We are not facing a twelve-bar band, blues music serves as a starting point to obtain heterogeneous dialogues where blues, soul, funk and jazz take the floor randomly and define their own markedly precise and convincing style. "You To Me Are The Blues" is their first album and the the music it contains is full of good and expeditious reasons to discover solid and competent musicians between chords and rhythms that venture down surprising paths. A band that travels secondary routes to enjoy the pleasure of of the road, to visit unphotographed places, to see the sun rise and leave from inhospitably hidden points. Music to be heard when the lights go out, the speakers go silent and you're coming home to enjoy the last drink.

Hannah Pope, born in Minneapolis, became interested in blues music at the age of fifteen. While her classmates were having fun with other things, she spent time listening to Ray Charles, Freddie King, The Band, Bill Whithers and Sly & The Family Stone. Her next step was to move to Chicago to study music, soak up the city's blues and start playing her own music. She does not hesitate to name The Allman Brothers Band as one of her biggest influences. Pope defines the band as a collaborative project in which all the musicians share the initiative and avoid the spotlight. And that shows in her music.

Cover Indigo Flood - You To Me Are The Blues.jpg

“I wanted to go to a modern music school out of state, but not too far from my house, which is in Minneapolis. I realized that living and studying in Chicago was a great experience for me because Chicago is a city known for its blues, and blues is what I am most passionate about musically.” (HP)

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