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Ina Forsman


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Ina Forsman


Jazzhaus Records

Release date : 04/12/2024

Ina Forsman - vocals
Linda Anttila, Saara Koivisto - backing vocals
Kalle “Carlos Bronco” Outila - guitar
Iiro Kautto - bass
Samuli Rautiainen  - keyboards
Mikko Kaakkuriniemi - drums
Topi Kurki - drums
Sirpa Suomalainen - tenor sax, flute
Janne Toivonen - trumpet
Tomi Nikku - trumpet
Johannes Salomaa - baritone sax


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Tracklist  :       01 Song to Sing 03:08  02 Hanging Loose 04:44  03 All There Is 05:12  04 Before You Go Home 04:42  05 Paratiisi 02:18  06 Don't Lose Today 04:14
07 Don't Hurt Me Now 04:13  08 Poor Heart 07:23  09 If You Want Me to Stay 07:19  10 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 07:06  11 I Believe to My Soul 07:40  12 Now You Want Me Back 05:02  13 We Could Be Gold Diggers 04:23  14 April Song 05:32  15 No Room for Love 06:04  16 Love Me 06:16

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Enigmatic woman, with an indescribable passion. A voice emerging from the depths of the soul. Ina Forsman approaches each song as if it were her last chance to show herself to the audience. She sings imbued with honesty and an almost childlike sincerity, the kind that admits no disagreements. But you can't get lost, Ina is sometimes mischievous and hides a vital rawness that can hurt your soul. It's all in her voice, a force of nature that describes anonymous and calm sunsets or storms from which you will need shelter. Soft velvet notes drawn with harmonies whispering in your ear, emphasized thunders that resonate crudely in your heart. Born in Helsinki in 1994, Forsman released her first album in 2013 with Finnish guitarist Helge Tallqvist and the following year she represented her country in the European Blues Challenge. She signed with RUF Records and moved to Austin to record her first solo album "Ina Forsman", which featured guitarists Laura Chavez and Derek O'Brien, bassist Rusell Jackson, drummer Tommy Taylor and The Texas Horns led by Mark " Kaz” Kazanoff. She toured with RUF's Blues Caravan in 2016 and 2019 and after a short period of transition she released a new album in 2022, "All There Is", through the Freiburg label Jazzhaus. Currently, Ina Forsman is, together with Helge Tallqvist himself, the guitarists Erja Lyytinen and Ismo Haavisto, Wentus Blues Band and the singer Marjo Leinomen, the greatest international exponent of the active blues scene in Finland.










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