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henning pertiet

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Musicians: Henning Pertiet - piano, vocals

Tracklist:  01 Got My Mojo Working 03:51   02 The Blues Don’t Like Nobody 04:42   03 Cherry Red 02:48   04 Diggin My Potatoes 03:07   05 Days Begin To Drive Me Down (Take 1) 04:19   06 Must Have Been The Devil 03:12   07 Every Day I Have The Blues 02:29   08 Flip, Flop And Fly 02:50   09 Dust My Broom 03:01
10 Good Morning Mr. Blues 03:07   11 Bad Blood 02:59   12 Going Down Slow 03:00   13 Help Me 03:24   14 Days Begin To Drive Me Down (Take 2) 03:32

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         orn in Hamburg in 1965, Henning Pertiet is a musician spectacularly gifted at              free improvisation, on the organ, but also with the piano and the synthesizer. Keyboardist favored by the favor of the muses, the influences of jazz and multicultural music were overcome when at the age of 23 he heard an album by the iconic figure of European boogie, the also German Axel Zwingerberger. Pertiet undoubtedly soaked up his excellence and in the mid-nineties he began a professional career as a blues and boogie woogie pianist, releasing his first album "Boogie Woogie" in 1996. Since then his figure as a musician has not stopped growing, alternating albums and performances as an organist (the album "Organ, Moves & Grooves" is anthological) with his role as a blues and boogie pianist, performing successively with Zwingerberger himself or also during four years with the legendary Austrian band Mojo Blues Band. Musicians like Henning Pertiet write pages of no return in the history of blues in Europe and leave an indelible mark for the good connoisseur of the genre without having to go in search of greater emperors.


P R E V I O U S   R E C O R D I N G S 

Henning Pertiet Boogie Man

Avant-Garde and Organ Improvisations

Ellington - Monk Materpieces


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