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grant haua

Blues in Maori

awa blues

grant haua - "awa blues" -dixiefrog records - DFGCD-8815 - 2021

Grant Haua - Awa Blues (2021).jpg

Grant Haua - guitar, vocals, cajon, harmonica
Fred Chapellier - guitar (track 2)

Neal Black - guitar (track 5
Tim Julian - bass, drums, keyboards
Jesse Colbert - double bass
Grant Bullot - harmonica (track 8
Delanie Ututaonga - background vocals, karanga

Grant Haua - Awa Blues
00:00 / 44:03

01 Got Something 02:56
02 This Is The Place 04:03
03 Be Yourself 03:38
04 Tough Love Mumma 03:06
05 Addiction 04:25
06 Devil Is A Woman 03:00
07 My Baby 03:26
08 Mumma’s Boy 03:07
09 Can’t Let It Go 02:49
10 Better Day 03:41
11 Keep On Smiling 02:27
12 Might Have Been 03:38

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dixiefrog records (1).png

Release date: February 19, 2021

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Dixiefrog Records 


It's a long way between New Zealand and the Mississippi Delta, but you can find a shortcut in Grant Haua's music. Of Maori origin, our man vindicates his ancestors in his songs, sings poetry with poetry and his guitar elevates emotions to the peak of spirituality and sensitivity. It would be simple to evoke John Hiatt when you listen to him sing, his particular vocal style is as personal as incisive, he transmits all the intensity of the stories he tells and puts each note in the right place with the passion that emanates in each of his performances. It's blues, but its roots are not only found in the south of the United States, they can also be found in a cultural idiosyncrasy that, not because it's unknown and distant, ceases to have the necessary elements to be recognized as folk music, country music or Louisian swamp-pop . It's a pleasure to discover musicians like Grant Haua, as far away as it's indispensable to enrich the musical culture of any fan of blues music with open ears.


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