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gondon koang dioth

peace, love & refugee music

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01 Nyina Walthana 04:52
02 Male Mi Goa Ji Sobat 06:59
03 Kerang 05:06
04 Australia 06:46
05 To You My People 07:07
06 Han Che Kong Muong Ke Nyal 05:12
07 Wale Neme 05:35
08 Kwai Obala 04:12



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Gordon Koang Duoth - thom (Sudanese rhythmic and melodic stringed instrument),
Paul Biel - djembe (percussion)
Zak Olsen - guitar
Jesse Williams - keyboards
David “Daff” Gravolin - bass
Jack Kong - drums

Gordon Koang - "Community" Listen to samples
00:00 / 06:00
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Gordon Koang Duoth was born in 1980 in Nasir in the Upper Nile region, now South Sudan.

He belongs to the Nuer ethnic group, one of the more than two hundred tribal ethnic groups in South Sudan. His own stringed musical instrument is the Thom.

The Australian non-profit label Music In Exile, founded in 2010 and dedicated to helping refugee musicians in the country, welcomed him and released his first album "Unity".

Since he started singing in the nineties, he has recorded twelve albums and tapes, only two of them "Unity" (2020) and "Community" (2022) as well as some singles, have been distributed outside his country.

After his exile, first in Uganda and later in Canada, in 2019 he settled permanently in Austrialia with the status of Perminent Residence granted in 2019.

previous releases

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Gordon Koang 2019 SINGLE 1.jpg

Single 2019

Gordon Koang 2019 SINGLE 2.jpg

Single 2019

Gordon Koang 2019 SINGLE 3.png

Single 2019

Gordon Koang 2020 SINGLE 1.jpg

Single 2020

Gordon Koang 2020 SINGLE 2.jpg

Single 2020

Gordon Koang 2020 ALBUM.jpg

Album 2020

The Nile River runs through South Sudan from north to south, and is the lifeblood of the country. It's the youngest country on the planet and one of the poorest in Africa, battered by famine, war and ethnic and political persecution before and after its independence from Sudan in 2011. Gordon Koang Duoth - of Nuer ethnicity (one of more than two hundred tribal ethnic groups in the country) - was born blind in 1980 in a village in the Nile Valley. He soon discovered the Thom, a stringed instrument typical of the Nuer, and together with his cousin Paul Biel Keuth they began to play in churches and street corners of the capital Juba, achieving some notoriety among the groups of people who listened to their music. Both recorded rudimentary tapes and limited albums that they sold at their street performances and allowed them to continue with their purposes. As a result of the multiple armed conflicts, both went into exile in Uganda and later went to Canada where they had the opportunity to perform larger audiences and consolidate a musical proposal in which they firmly believed. Finally in 2012 they settled in Australia where seven years later the Australian government granted them the status of Permanent Residents in Australia, but in no case did they represent their nationalization. Their final release was provided by the non-profit Australian label Music In Exile founded in 2010. "Unity" was released in 2020 and turned out to be an album received by media and the public as one of the best root-music works released that year. Since then they have toured the world becoming one of the most accepted African musicians. Koang is an idol in South Sudan currently

Gordon Koang 2021 MAXI SINGLE.jpg

Maxi Single 2021

Gordon Koang 2021 EP.jpg

EP 2021

Gordon Koang 4.jpg
Gordon Koang 7.jpg


"I am the one who composes the songs. I compose them in my dreams. And in the morning or the afternoon, when I wake up, I have it in my heart and then I play it on my thom."

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