g. love
special sauce

P  H  I  L  A  D  E  L  P  H  I  A


g. love
special sauce

records - 21115 - 2022

release date
june 24, 2022



M  I  S  S  I  S  S  I  P   P   I

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Garrett Dutton (G. Love) - guitar, harmonica, toy piano, vocals
Timo Shanko - bass
Jeffrey Clemens - drums
Mark Boyce - keyboards
Alvin Youngblood Hart - guitar(Tracks 2,4),harmonica (Track 6), vocals (Track 2)
Christone “Kingfish” Ingram - guitar (Tracks 3,4), vocals (Track 4)
Schoolly D - raps and beats (Track 1)
Speech - raps (Track 2)
Chuck Treece - drums, bass, guitar, percussion, raps-vocals (Tracks 1,5,9)
RL Boyce - vocals (Track 2)
Freddie Foxxx -  raps (Track 3)
Jontavious Willis - guitar, vocals (Track 3)
Lady Alma - vocals (Tracks 3,5,9)
Tikyra Jackson - vocals, drums, (Track 8), backing vocals (Tracks 1,7)
Cameron Kimbrough - vocals, guitar(Track 9)
Luther Dickinson - guitar, wurly, piano, vocals
Sharde Thomas - vocals & fife (Track 10)
Trenton Ayers - guitar (Tracks 1,8,11,)vocals (Track 11)
Boo Mitchell - keyboards (Tracks 7,8)
DJ Code Money - cuts (Track 1)
Sharisse Norman - backing vocals (Track 7)
Kody Harrell - guitar (Track 11)

01 Love From Philly 04:42
02 Mississippi 04:01
03 My Ball 04:18
04 Guitar Man 03:05
05 Kickin' 03:59
06 HipHopHarpin' 02:04
07 Laughing In The Sunshine 03:34
08 I Ain't Living 03:37
09 Lemonades 03:08
10 If My Mind Don't Change 03:40
11 Sauce Up! 02:56
12 The Philly Sound 04:00
13 Shouts Out 04:44

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love from phili

laughing in the sunshine


Cook your favorite dish but add Garrett Dutton's sauce to it, it will improve the flavor on your palate. Do you think that with a bit of rapped funk, added to a few drops of psychedelic blues and seasoned with a pinch of sparkling soul, it will satisfy your hunger for fun? A musical madness is your recommended menu. From Philadelphia, Garrett Dutton has been in the kitchen since 1992 when he formed Special Sauce and two years later he released his first self-titled album. Thirty years later he celebrates it with this "Philadelphia Mississippi", a true feast with illustrious guests and a repertoire of succulent stews to leave the diner well served with the best mix of styles of black music that can be cooked today. Don't forget to book a table so as not to be left out of his succulent restaurant.

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Recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on 5/3/22


enjoy your meal !