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RELEASE DATE; 04/14/2023


Faith Kesimal - guitar, vocals
Ergin Özler - drums
Vefa Karatay - bass

01 Hollywood Lights 05:08
02 After Midnight 03:50
03 Dance with Me 02:52
04 Teach Me How to Boogie 03:32
05 Groove Man 03:07
06 Call Me The Breeze 04:26
07 Ride 13:12

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Fatih kesimal 4_edited.jpg
Fatih kesimal 4_edited.jpg


FATIH 8.webp

2022 (EP)

fatih kesimal

Influenced by blues guitarists like JJ Cale, RL Burnside, Jimmie Vaughan, Mark Knopfler and Ry Cooder, the artist pursues an imperfect guitarplaying sound defining his understanding of the Blues. He has beenperforming live shows with his blues trio mostly in the clubs and bars of Istanbul since 2015.

Fatih kesimal 7.jpg

In general, improvisation in a musician shows the listener his creativity in a moment of concrete inspiration. "Ride", the song that closes this album, is more than thirteen minutes in which Fatih Kesimal,Ergin Özler and Vefa Karatay put the score aside and let their imagination run wild on an exquisite musical walk. The Turkish musician found his inspiration to play the blues in JJ Cale's songs, his guitar contains all the secrets that have made the Oklahoma troubadour a major reference for countless artists. On the album he covers two of his most emblematic songs, "After Midnight" and"Call Me The Breeze", but it also presents five original with commendable strength and modernity, classic blues  unlinked to the style known as Anatolian Blues where Turkish folk music is mixed with the blues and had relative success in the Ottoman country with prominent artists such as Yavuz Çetin. "Teach Me How To Boogie" is Fatih Kasemal's debut album after a four-song EP last year, and it reveals a complete guitarist in full creative freedom as well as some perfect songs to show the qualities of this brand new artist. 

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