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DECEMBER 15, 2023


Ethan Doane - guitars, banjo, vocals

Tracklist:     01 Moving Out 03:19     02 Bitter Love Blues 05:03     03 I'm Bound to Go 02:19
04 Kill Hope   03:08     05 Nothing Inside 05:27     06 Tyler   03:16     07 Finally Alone 03:45
08 Still on Top of the World 03:11

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Listen to samples     Listen to samples     Listen to samples

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"Finally Alone"

No one Here to help me
Now but me
An every day is
Canstant misery
To Know,
I'm finally Alone

To a dear old friend
They're here a moment
Then they're gone again
I know,
I'm finally alone

I'm slowly learning
How to find a way
To make it through
the lengt of every day
And grow,
I'm finaly alone

No purpose more
Than that of wich we make
To live upon
This planet we forsake
I know,
I'm finally alone
I know.
I' finally alone

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A man with a banjo and his guitar telling stories. Stories that sometimes tell the truth and other times narrates the tales hidden in leafy forests and valleys drawn by rivers of mysterious waters. They are songs that will transcend time as long as there are troubadours who continue to sing them, melodies that will remain alive as long as emotions continue to be sensitive to the heat of a bonfire surrounded by emotional lives. Folk music, Woody Guthrie present in the breath, Country Blues, Leadbelly in the soul of every sigh that raises the dust on the road. Ethan Doane, an irreverent artist who tears apart each chord in search of emotion from within the deepest personal sincerity. A sound extracted from musical archaeology, the groove of atavistic blues already forgotten and without which nothing would be the same, past songsters who left us the keys with which to open the way to understand the origin of a musical culture born to claim freedom from the ostracism. Nothing is simple in Ethan Doane's music, a hymn to nature and harmony, a harbinger of brotherhood and sincerity that will come to light when it is least expected, gentle songs that reveal creative intuition. There is nothing more than the man, the guitar and the kindness of his performances.

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