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elizabet king

If you need Jesus, sing to him

Cover Elizabeth King - Living In The Las

elizabet king (usa)

"Living In The Last Days" - Bible & Tire Recording Co. BTRC-010

Release date: April 2, 2021

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Elizabeth King - vocals
Sacred Soul Sound Section: 
Will Sexton - guitar
George Sluppick - drums 
Matt Ross - guitar
Mark Edgar - bass 
Al Gamble - organ

The Sensational Barnes Brothers:
Christopher Barnes, Courtney Barnes - vocals


1. No Ways Tired 02:55
2. He Touched Me 03:06
3. Living in the Last Days 03:08
4. Testify 03:23
5. Mighty Good God 03:38
6. A Long Journey 02:20
7. Reach Out and Touch 03:45
8. Walk with Me 03:28
9. Call on Him 02:27
10. Blessed Be the Name 03:05
11. You've Got To Move 01:56

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previous album

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Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls
"The D-Vine Spirituals Recordings"
Bible & Tire Recording Co.


"Living In The Last Days" is the legacy of a great lady. From a church female singer. The story of being a legend without having wanted to be. Having dedicated her whole life to God, to the family. Elizabeth King has recorded a first album at the age of 77, after the insistence of Bruce Watson who has devoted all his time to maintaining the legacy of spiritual music, gospel music, dedicating efforts and dedication between the blues in Fat Possum and recovering the catalog of D-Vine Spiritual Label and founding his own Big Legal Mess / Bible & Tire recording Co. Elisabeth King sings to Jesus, from her soul consecrated to music as a way to live in God, her lyrics are prayers from a liberated and surrendered woman to the path that she has chosen to contaminate his love to the rest of mortals. She spent three weeks in France performing as a member of The Como Mamas Gospel Review and there were no empty seats left in her performances. Her message remains embedded in the heart of her audience. Just by listening to this album you can understand her message, live life thinking of others and you will be happy.



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