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Blues,Funk,Soul & furious




01 Woman Satisfied 04:28
02 Your Specialty 03:45
03 Don't Move From The Mirror 05:56
04 Double Down On A Nine 04:58
05 Gimmie What I Paid For 03:36
06 I Want You 03:55
07 Leaning Towards Leaving 04:01
08 My Good Thing 04:12
09 No Crime No Time 05:39
10 No King No Queen 04:11
11 Sweet Science Of Love 04:25
12 Under The Cover Of Darkness 05:03

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Eddie Cotton was born in Clinton (MS) in 1970. Along with other guitarists of his generation such as Bernard Allison, Tab Benoit, Toronzo Canon, Kirk Fletcher or Ronnie Baker Brooks, Cotton has been at the forefront of blues music since the nineties. He may not have enjoyed the popularity of his contemporaries but he has certainly played the blues like the best, most subtle and passionate of guitarists since then. In his music echoes of the soul of Little Milton and the funk of Bobby Rush resonate, the vibrato of BB King is written on his guitar and when he sings the southern soul of Al Green is unleashed. In 1998 he formed his first band, Mississippi Cotton Club, with whom he recorded his first album "You're The Girl", but it was with "Live At The Alamo Theater" in 2000 that his music began to be heard among fans and blues media. He created his own label DeChamp Records and releaseed two essential albums "Here I Come" (2014) and "One At Time" (2015), both an express statement that updated blues-soul to parameters of modernity unique until then. His elegance and deep epic dimension as a guitarist have allowed him to be among the blues artists who have best traveled between the legacy of the classics and the renewal available only to the most talented musicians. Malaco Records label, with a long tradition in the production of soul artists, has recovered Cotton nine years after his last work and has released "The Mirror", not only his best collection of songs to date but another essential album and the best moderm blues work of recent times.

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