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eddie 9v

n i n e   v o l t s   o n   t h e   t r a c k s

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eddie 9v


"Little Black Flies"

RUF Records RUF-1289

R  e   l   e   a   s   e       d   a   t   e   :   M   a   y     2   8 ,   2   0   2   1


Eddie 9V (mason brooks) : guitar, vocals
Cody Matloc - guitar
Chad Mason - keyboards
Jackson Allen - harmonica
Sam Nelson - sax (Tracks 1,4)
Lane Kelly - bass (Tracks 4,5,6,10)
Brandon Boone - bass (Tracks 2,7,9,11)
Marvin Mahanay - bass (Tracks 3,8.12)
Aaron Hambrick - drums
Mandi Strachota - backround vocals (Tracks 1,2)


01 Little Black Flies 03:15
02 She Got Some Money 03:04
03 Dog Me Around 02:58
04 Don't Come Around This House 06:08
05 Travelin' Man 03:03
06 3AM in Chicago 03:38
07 Reach Into Your Heart 05:07
08 Miss James 04:06
09 Back On My Feet 03:24
10 Puttin' The Kids To Bed 03:45
11 Columbus Zoo Blues 05:08
12 You Don't Have To Go 04:23

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Mason Brooks aka Eddie 9V was born in Atlanta (GA) in 1996. He has released three albums since 2019. This latest "Little Black Flies" is his definitive consolidation as a blues musician, an album that places him in the place he deserves and It's also the best album of this year to date made by a young musician only twenty-four years old. Eddie 9V is the guitarist who has taken over in his own right from the late Sean Costello, born in Philadelphia but also raised in Atlanta. His style with the strings is true to Costello's legacy, but his intuition takes him one step further as a songwriter while at the same time updating his potential as a guitarist. The album, recorded at the Echo Deco Studios in Atlanta, is backed by nine excellent musicians, which gives a generous sound amplitude to the the bandleader, with nine originals and three covers that, like Costello himself, pay tribute to Mike Bloomfield's blues. and to the sound that it popularized along the sixties. Eddie 9V is the present of the blues in the 21st century and has put on the table an immeasurable album.



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