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Dyer Davis



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RELEASE DATE : 02/17/2023


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Produced by Stephen Dees & Billy Chapin

Dyer Davis - guitar, vocals (all Tracks)
Jacob Barone - bass (Tracks 2,3,4,12)
David Weatherspoon - drums (Tracks 2,3,6,12)
Victor Wainwright - keyboards(Tracks 1,2,7), vocals(Track 7)
Dave Mikeal - keyboards(Tracks 10,12)
Billy Chapin - guitar(Tracks 4,5,7,9,13), organ(Tracks 4,5,6,9,10,11,13)
Walter Andrews - dobro(Track 8)
Stephen Dees - tambourine(Tracks 3,4,7) bass(Tracks 1,5,6,7,9,10,13) guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (Track 6), percusion (Tracks 8,12)
Billy Dean - drums (Tracks 1,7,8,9,11,13)
Stan Lynch - drums (Track 5)
Patricia Ann Dees - tenor, sax, flute (Tracks 4,5,6,11) backing vocals (Track 13)
Mark Earley - baritone sax (Tracks 6,11)
Doug Woolverton - trumpet (Track 11)
Joe Young - trumpet (Tracks 4,5)

01 Let Me Love You 04:34
02 Walk Away My Blues 05:27
03 Water Into Wine 03:57
04 Cryin’ Shame 04:47
05 Train Wreck 02:57
06 Lifting Up My Soul 03:27
07 Long Way To Go 04:36
08 Wind Is Gonna Change 04:45
09 Dog Bites Back 03:56
10. Angels Get The Blues 05:18 
11. These Walls 04:03
12. Don’t Tell My Mother 03:51
13. AKA 04:43

Jeff Beck Group - Let Me Love You Baby
Listen to samplesDyer Davis - "Dog Bites Back"
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Prior in time

Rubber Soul Child

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Line Up
Dyer Davis - lead vocals/guitar
Brandon Pugh - drums
Aaron Grove - bass

Releases / Singles

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Appears on

"The WildRoots Sessions
Vol. 2"
WildRoors Records 
(Track 4 - "The Bad Seeds")

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Dyer Davis' debut album is a prodigy of musical work in capital letters. You will not find obsolete clixes or redundant guitars anywhere, this work of musical engineering has been synchronized from the most advanced ideas of some musicians who make blues music not stop at its capacity and possibilities of regeneration, even less when the rock structures continue to be valid, as in this case, so as not to confuse repetition with imagination or originality. "Dog Bites Back" is pure blues, it's natural rock, mixed with honesty and cleanliness, songs composed from intelligence and creative personality, clearly performed without anything unnecessary and a lot of innovation. Davis plays the guitar with unusual fluidity and personality that translates into a spectacle of musical color in the center of a band that is as homogeneous as decisive in the final result. A finished product in the WildRoots Records studios and carried out by musicians of the house backing a 23-year-old Dyer Davis who has set the bar very high on his debut, but there is no doubt that he will be able to surpass it in future albums.


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