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The Texas Horns -USA
Get Here Quick
Severn Records SEV-007


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Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, John Mills and Adalberto 'Al' Gomez are legends of American music. The Texas Horns, a horn section formed by Kazanoff and Mills back in 1999 and quickly became luxury requested pieces by the best listed blues and R&B recordings in the country. The constant commitments of the three members have prevented their own celebration on record (which has represented a great void for the aficionado), only the album "Blues Gotta Holda Me" released by Vizztone in 2015 and this second and last one "Get Here Quick" under the roof of Severn Records. Both are angular pieces for these three musicians of indisputable relevance.



Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff - tenor sax
John Mills - baritone sax
Al Gomez - trumpet

+ guests:

Curtis Salgado - vocals

Ronnie Earl - guitar

John Nemeth - vocals

Anson Funderburgh - guitar

Gary Nicholson - vocals

Guy Forsyth - vocals

Carolyn Wonderland - guitar, vocals


01 - Guitar Town 4:40
02 - I'm Doin' Alright 3:40
03 - Feelin' No Pain 4:35
04 - Fix Your Face 4:02
05 - Better Get Here Quick 4:23
06 - Love is Gone 4:38
07 - 2018 4:12
08 - Sundown Talkin' 4:31
09 - Funky Ape 4:01
10 - Soulshine 3:57
11 - You Can't Be Serious 3:56
12 - Truckload of Trouble 4:51

Denny Freeman - guitar

Derek O’Brien - guitar

Johnny Moeller - guitar

Red Young - keyboards

Nick Connolly - keyboards

Jonn Del Toro Richardson - guitar 

Russell Jackson -  bass

Chris Maresh - bass

Tommy Taylor - drums, percussion

John Bryant - drums, percussion

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   Previously on

"Blues Gotta Holda Me"

Vizztone Label - 2015

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