S T E V E   M O R G A N   A N D   T H E   K I N G F I S H 

Steve Morgan and the Kingfish
"That Ain't Blues"
Self Released - 2019

Cover Steve Morgan and The Kingfish That

Musicians :

Steve Morgan, vocals, guitar
Roe Osborne, bass, vocals
Bryant Edwards, congas, vocals
Ed Wanamaker, drums
Pete Mann, piano, organ

Nick Suchecki, sax, flute
Paul Lesniak, sax, flute
Berke McKelvey, reeds, woodwinds
John Wolf, trombone, vocals
Paul Dinsmore. trumpet, vocals

Since the mid 70's, Steve Morgan plays the guitar and sings the blues. After forming several bands, in 1992 founded The King Fish that with only three albums have remained on the road until today. "That Is not Blues" is an excellent title for a blues album and Morgan and his mates enjoy and make the listener enjoy their content. I would love to attend one of his shows.

Tracklist :

She's My Baby
Wish Me Luck
Back in My Arms
Nose Wide Open
Route 6
Soft and Slow
That Ain't Blues
Lies, Pain and Misery
Baby Listen Baby
Champagne and Mistletoe

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The 2019 album, That Ain't Blues, is available for purchase and download on Amazon, i-Tunes and CDbaby and streaming on Spotify.

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