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Nikki Hill (USA)

"Feline Roots"
Deep Fryed Records  DFR-006

n   i   k   k   i       h   i   l   l  

Tracklist :

Get Down, Crawl (2:41)
Don't Be The Sucker (3:08)
Just Can't Trust You (3:07)
Can't Love You Back (It's A Shame) (4:00)
Holler Out Loud (2:53)
Poisoning The Well (3:53)
Take The Ride (It Don't Matter) (3:02)
Tell The Next World (3:02)
Might Get Killed Tonight (3:15)
The Fire That's In Me (4:04)


Third installment of North Carolina born Nikki Hill. Since her first attempt in 2013 Nikki's career has flown high. He has toured stages around the world with her soul music soaked in rock'n'roll. "Feline Roots" is a bet for hard sounds and furious guitars, where Nikki's spectacular voice is multiplied to get almost unlimited records.

 The 2018 album,  Feline Roots , is available for purchase and download on Amazon, i-Tunes and CDbaby and streaming on Spotify.


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